Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Weekly Record (Scottish) - Famous English Footballers 1913-14 (2)

WEE-100 / Famous English Footballers - 1913-14
(9 per sheet - 56 x 72mm)
Weekly Record (Scottish)
4 missing

I've heard from collector Trevor Cotterell:

First of all, may I congratulate you on your fantastic website. This will keep me interested for some time. After having a look at your wanted lists this is what I can add at this moment in time:-
Weekly Record Famous English Footballers - The first eight names you have are from a sheet dated 11/10/13. You have missed J. Weir (Middlesbrough). The only other name I can give you is F.E.Bullock (Huddersfield Town).

Trevor sent in further information on a number of sets which will be included over the next day or so.

Sheet dated 11/10/1913

R.E. Evans (Sheffield United)
E. Lintott (Leeds City)
F. Cuggy (Sunderland)
S. Stevens (Hull City)
G. Robinson (Bradford City)
J. Hay (Newcastle United)
T. Little (Bradford)
J. Spoors (Sheffield Wednesday)
J Weir (Middlesbrough)

Sheet dated ???

R. Bond (Bradford City)
C.N. Buchan (Sunderland)
R. Downs (Barnsley)
W. McCracken (Newcastle United)
W. McLeod (Leeds City)
J. McQuillan (Hull City)
J. Smith (Bradford)
A. Wilson (Sheffield Wednesday)
R.G. Williamson (Middlesbrough)

J. Scott (Bradford)
R. Campbell (Bradford City)
H.F. Low (Sunderland)
C. Copeland (Leeds City)
S. Fazackerly (Sheffield United)
J. Lawrence (Newcastle United)
P.W. Bratley (Barnsley)
F.E. Bullock (Huddersfield Town)
W.H. Brelsford (Sheffield United)
G. Wilson (Newcastle United)
J. Mordue (Sunderland)
D. Howie (Bradford)
P. O'Connell (Hull City)
O. Fox (Bradford City)
A. Hogg (Leeds City)
J.E. Davidson (Sheffield Wednesday)
G. Holley (Sunderland)
I. Sharpe (Leeds City)
W. Hendry (Hull City)
W. Low (Newcastle United)
G. Utley (Barnsley)
J. Campbell (Sheffield Wednesday)
I. Boocock (Bradford City)
S. Blackham (Bradford)
J. Howie (Huddersfield Town)
A. Shepherd (Newcastle United)
T. Brittleton (Sheffield Wednesday)
C. Thomson (Sunderland)
J. Spiers (Leeds City)
R. Benson (Sheffield United)
R. Torrance (Bradford City)
H. Dainty (Bradford)

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