Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Daily Graphic - Goalkeeper Stars (2)

Goalkeeper Stars
Daily Graphic

Thanks to Trevor Cotterell we now have a complete checklist for this collection...

1.  Frank Swift (Manchester City)
2.  Ted Ditchburn (Tottenham Hotspur)
3.  Bernard Stretten (Luton Town)
4.  Ted Sagar (Everton)
5.  Gilbert Merrick (Birmingham City)
6.  Reg. Allen (Queens Park Rangers)
7.  Jack Crompton (Manchester United)
8.  Cyril Sidlow (Liverpool)
9.  John Mapson (Sunderland)
10.  Sam Bartram (Charlton Athletic)
11.  Bill Townsend (Derby County)
12.  Jack Fairbrother (Newcastle United)
13.  Ernest Butler (Portsmouth)
14.  Bert Williams (Wolves)
15.  Peter Pickering (Chelsea)
16.  Phil Joslin (Cardiff City)
17.  Ian Black (Southampton)
18.  George Swindin (Arsenal)
19.  Bill Shortt (Plymouth Argyle)
20.  Denis Herd (Stoke City)

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