Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Goal Crisps - Steve Heighway All Stars (2)

Steve Highway All Stars
Goal Crisps

Liverpool collector Gerard Scully has sent in some scans of the Liverpool players in this collection:

Here are scans of the 4 Liverpool cards I have from this series.
You will see that the Thompson card has the Goal crisps logo cut out. You had to collect 11 tokens and send them away to get a fabulous football stadium complete with football.
The cards seem to be issued with two different backs a) Goal crisps logo and b) 'how to get your free game'. Cards came in pairs hinged by the perforation lines (as in Heighway example), so that players were literally head to head when opened in the packet.
Hope this helps.

Still missing 5 names from the checklist:

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