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Merlin - Shooting Stars 1991/92

Shooting Stars
396 cards

396 cards in the basic set. There are also 6 Autographed cards that have been emboss stamped. You'll also be able to find 6 cards that are available with variations, as detailed below.

1.  Team Group (Arsenal) 
2.  Team Group (Aston Villa) 
3.  Team Group (Chelsea) 
4.  Team Group (Everton) 
5.  Team Group (Leeds United) 
6.  Team Group (Liverpool) 
7.  Team Group (Manchester City) 
8.  Team Group (Manchester United) 
9.  Team Group (Tottenham Hotspur) 
10.  Seaman, David (Arsenal) 
11.  Dixon, Lee (Arsenal) 
12.  Winterburn, Nigel (Arsenal) 
13.  Thomas, Michael (Arsenal) 
14.  Bould, Steve (Arsenal) 
15.  Adams, Tony (Arsenal) 
16.  Davis, Paul (Arsenal) 
17.  Smith, Alan (Arsenal) 
18.  Rocastle, David (Arsenal) 
19.  Merson, Paul (Arsenal) 
20.  Limpar, Anders (Arsenal) 
21.  Groves, Perry (Arsenal) 
22.  Campbell, Kevin (Arsenal) 
23.  O'Leary, David (Arsenal) 
24.  Hillier, David (Arsenal) 
25.  Spink, Nigel (Aston Villa) 
26.  Price, Chris (Aston Villa) 
27.  Gray, Stuart (Aston Villa) 
28.  McGrath, Paul (Aston Villa) 
29.  Mountfield, Derek (Aston Villa) 
30.  Nielsen, Kent (Aston Villa) 
31.  Daley, Tony (Aston Villa) 
32.  Atkinson, Dalian (Aston Villa) 
33.  Olney, Ian (Aston Villa) 
34.  Cowans, Gordon (Aston Villa) 
35.  Gage, Kevin (Aston Villa) 
36.  Penrice, Gary (Aston Villa) 
37.  Regis, Cyrille (Aston Villa) 
38.  Beasant, Dave (Chelsea) 
39.  Hall, Gareth (Chelsea) 
40.  Townsend, Andy (Chelsea) 
41.  Wise, Dennis (Chelsea) 
42.  Dixon, Kerry (Chelsea) 
43.  Le Saux, Graeme (Chelsea) 
44.  Cundy, Jason (Chelsea) 
45.  Monkou, Kenneth (Chelsea) 
46.  Clarke, Steve (Chelsea) 
47.  Durie, Gordon (Chelsea) 
48.  Stuart, Graham (Chelsea) 
49.  Dickens, Alan (Chelsea) 
50.  Elliott, Paul (Chelsea)
51.  Ogrizovic, Steve (Coventry City) 
52.  Borrows, Brian (Coventry City) 
53.  Peake, Trevor (Coventry City) 
54.  Gallacher, Kevin (Coventry City) 
55.  Smith, David (Coventry City) 
56.  Gynn, Micky (Coventry City) 
57.  Pearce, Andrew (Coventry City) 
58.  Sansom, Kenny (Coventry City) 
59.  Rosario, Robert (Coventry City) 
60.  Emerson, Dean (Coventry City) 
61.  Edwards, Paul (Coventry City) 
62.  Martyn, Nigel (Crystal Palace) 
63.  Humphrey, John (Crystal Palace) 
64.  Shaw, Richard (Crystal Palace) 
65.  Gray, Andy (Crystal Palace) 
66.  Young, Eric (Crystal Palace) 
67.  Thorn, Andy (Crystal Palace) 
68.  Thomas, Geoff (Crystal Palace) 
69.  Salako, John (Crystal Palace) 
70.  Wright, Ian (Crystal Palace) 
71.  Bright, Mark (Crystal Palace) 
72.  Pardew, Alan (Crystal Palace) 
73.  McGoldrick, Eddie (Crystal Palace) 
74.  Bodin, Paul (Crystal Palace) 
75.  Thompson, Garry (Crystal Palace) 
76.  Southall, Neville (Everton) 
77.  McDonald, Neil (Everton) 
78.  Watson, Dave (Everton) 
79.  Nevin, Pat (Everton) 
80.  McCall, Stuart (Everton) 
81.  Newell, Mike (Everton) 
82.  Ebbrell, John (Everton) 
83.  Sheedy, Kevin (Everton) 
84.  Atteveld, Ray (Everton) 
85.  Cottee, Tony (Everton) 
86.  Beagrie, Peter (Everton) 
87.  Warzycha, Robert (Everton) 
88.  Barlow, Stuart (Everton) 
89.  Youds, Edward (Everton) 
90.  Lukic, John (Leeds United) 
91.  Sterland, Mel (Leeds United) 
92.  Snodin, Glynn (Leeds United) 
93.  Batty, David (Leeds United) 
94.  Fairclough, Chris (Leeds United) 
95.  Whyte, Chris (Leeds United) 
96.  Strachan, Gordon (Leeds United) 
97.  Chapman, Lee (Leeds United) 
98.  McAllister, Gary (Leeds United) 
99.  Speed, Gary (Leeds United) 
100.  Shutt, Carl (Leeds United)
101.  Wallace, Rod (Leeds United) 
102.  Wallace, Ray (Leeds United) 
103.  Dorigo, Tony (Leeds United) 
104.  Checklist #1
105.  Newsom, Jon (Leeds United) 
106.  Hodge, Steve (Leeds United) 
107.  Grobbelaar, Bruce (Liverpool) 
108.  Burrows, David (Liverpool) 
109.  Nicol, Steve (Liverpool) 
110.  Whelan, Ronnie (Liverpool) 
111.  Molby, Jan (Liverpool) 
112.  Gillespie, Gary (Liverpool) 
113.  Houghton, Ray (Liverpool) 
114.  Rush, Ian (Liverpool) 
115.  Barnes, John (Liverpool) 
116.  McMahon, Steve (Liverpool) 
117.  Beardlsey, Peter (Liverpool) 
118.  Staunton, Steve (Liverpool) 
119.  Rosenthal, Ronnie (Liverpool) 
120.  Speedie, David (Liverpool) 
121.  Redknapp, Jamie (Liverpool) 
122.  Venison, Barry (Liverpool) 
123.  Hysen, Glenn (Liverpool) 
124.  Ablett, Gary (Liverpool) 
125.  Saunders, Dean (Liverpool) 
126.  Wright, Mark (Liverpool) 
127.  Chamberlain, Alec (Luton Town) 
128.  Beaumont, Dave (Luton Town) 
129.  Dreyer, John (Luton Town) 
130.  Elstrup, Lars (Luton Town) 
131.  Preece, David (Luton Town) 
132.  Black, Kingsley (Luton Town) 
133.  Rees, Jason (Luton Town) 
134.  Harvey, Richard (Luton Town) 
135.  Johnson, Marvin (Luton Town) 
136.  Farrell, Sean (Luton Town) 
137.  Pembridge, Mark (Luton Town) 
138.  Rodger, Graham (Luton Town) 
139.  McDonough, Darren (Luton Town) 
140.  Coton, Tony (Manchester City) 
141.  Brightwell, Ian (Manchester City) 
142.  Pointon, Neil (Manchester City) 
143.  Harper, Alan (Manchester City) 
144.  Hendry, Colin (Manchester City) 
145.  White, David (Manchester City) 
146.  Quinn, Niall (Manchester City) 
147.  Heath, Adrian (Manchester City) 
148.  Ward, Mark (Manchester City) 
149.  Redmond, Steve (Manchester City) 
150.  Brennan, Mark (Manchester City)
151.  Megson, Cary (Manchester City) 
152.  Hill, Andy (Manchester City) 
153.  Lake, Paul (Manchester City) 
154.  Allen, Clive (Manchester City) 
155.  Seagraves, Mark (Manchester City) 
156.  Schmeichel, Peter (Manchester United) 
157.  Irwin, Dennis (Manchester United) 
158.  Donaghy, Mal (Manchester United) 
159.  Bruce, Steve (Manchester United) 
160.  Phelan, Mike (Manchester United) 
161.  Pallister, Gary (Manchester United) 
162.  Webb, Neil (Manchester United) 
163.  Ince, Paul (Manchester United) 
164.  McClair, Brian (Manchester United) 
165.  Hughes, Mark (Manchester United) 
166.  Blackmore, Clayton (Manchester United) 
167.  Robins, Mark (Manchester United) 
168.  Sharpe, Lee (Manchester United) 
169.  Wallace, Danny (Manchester United) 
170.  Robson, Bryan (Manchester United) 
171.  Gunn, Bryan (Norwich City) 
172.  Blades, Paul (Norwich City) 
173.  Bowen, Mark (Norwich City) 
174.  Butterworth, Ian (Norwich City) 
175.  Polston, John (Norwich City) 
176.  Sherwood, Tim (Norwich City) 
177.  Gordon, Dale (Norwich City) 
178.  Fox, Ruel (Norwich City) 
179.  Crook, Ian (Norwich City) 
180.  Phillips, David (Norwich City) 
181.  Fleck, Robert (Norwich City) 
182.  Culverhouse, Ian (Norwich City) 
183.  Goss, Jeremy (Norwich City) 
184.  Beckford, Darren (Norwich City) 
185.  Crossley, Mark (Nottingham Forest) 
186.  Laws, Brian (Nottingham Forest) 
187.  Walker, Des (Nottingham Forest) 
188.  Chettle, Steve (Nottingham Forest) 
189.  Crosby, Gary (Nottingham Forest) 
190.  Parker, Garry (Nottingham Forest) 
191.  Clough, Nigel (Nottingham Forest) 
192.  Keane, Roy (Nottingham Forest) 
193.  Pearce, Stuart (Nottingham Forest) 
194.  Charles, Gary (Nottingham Forest) 
195.  Woan, Ian (Nottingham Forest) 
196.  Glover, Lee (Nottingham Forest) 
197.  Jemson, Nigel (Nottingham Forest) 
198.  Sheringham, Teddy (Nottingham Forest) 
199.  Cherry, Steve (Notts County) 
200.  Short, Craig (Notts County)
201.  Yates, Dean (Notts County) 
202.  Norton, David (Notts County) 
203.  Palmer, Charlie (Notts County) 
204.  O'Riordan, Donald (Notts County) 
205.  Thomas, Dean (Notts County) 
206.  Robinson, Phil (Notts County) 
207.  Turner, Phil (Notts County) 
208.  Lund, Gary (Notts County) 
209.  Johnson, Tommy (Notts County) 
210.  Bartlett, Kevin (Notts County) 
211.  Draper, Mark (Notts County) 
212.  Regis, Dave (Notts County) 
213.  Harding, Paul (Notts County) 
214.  Hallworth, Jon (Oldham Athletic) 
215.  Barlow, Andy (Oldham Athletic) 
216.  Redfearn, Neil (Oldham Athletic) 
217.  Barrett, Earl (Oldham Athletic) 
218.  Adams, Neil (Oldham Athletic) 
219.  Ritchie, Andy (Oldham Athletic) 
220.  Marshall, Ian (Oldham Athletic) 
221.  Holden, Rick (Oldham Athletic) 
222.  Palmer, Roger (Oldham Athletic) 
223.  Moulden, Paul (Oldham Athletic) 
224.  Henry, Nick (Oldham Athletic) 
225.  Jobson, Richard (Oldham Athletic) 
226.  Halle, Gunner (Oldham Athletic) 
227.  Kane, Paul (Oldham Athletic) 
228.  Sharp, Graeme (Oldham Athletic) 
229.  Stejskal, Jan (Queens Park Rangers) 
230.  Bardsley, David (Queens Park Rangers) 
231.  McDonald, Alan (Queens Park Rangers) 
232.  Maddix, Danny (Queens Park Rangers) 
233.  Wilkins, Ray (Queens Park Rangers) 
234.  Wegerle, Roy (Queens Park Rangers) 
235.  Sinton, Andy (Queens Park Rangers) 
236.  Barker, Simon (Queens Park Rangers) 
237.  Ferdinand, Les (Queens Park Rangers) 
238.  Parker, Paul (Queens Park Rangers) 
239.  Wilson, Clive (Queens Park Rangers) 
240.  Tillson, Andy (Queens Park Rangers) 
241.  Brevett, Rufus (Queens Park Rangers) 
242.  Channing, Justin (Queens Park Rangers) 
243.  Tracey, Simon (Sheffield United)   -  amended 15-06-2018
244.  Pemberton, John (Sheffield United) 
245.  Barnes, David (Sheffield United) 
246.  Booker, Bob (Sheffield United) 
247.  Hill, Colin (Sheffield United) 
248.  Agana, Tony (Sheffield United) 
249.  Deane, Brian (Sheffield United) 
250.  Bryson, Ian (Sheffield United)
251.  Beesley, Paul (Sheffield United) 
252.  Jones, Vinny (Sheffield United) 
253.  Gannon, John (Sheffield United) 
254.  Marwood, Brian (Sheffield United) 
255.  Hoyland, Jamie (Sheffield United) 
256.  Cowan, Tom (Sheffield United) 
257.  Turner, Chris (Sheffield Wednesday) 
258.  Nilsson, Roland (Sheffield Wednesday) 
259.  King, Phil (Sheffield Wednesday) 
260.  Palmer, Carlton (Sheffield Wednesday) 
261.  Shirtliff, Peter (Sheffield Wednesday) 
262.  Pearson, Nigel (Sheffield Wednesday) 
263.  Wilson, Danny (Sheffield Wednesday) 
264.  Sheridan, John (Sheffield Wednesday) 
265.  Hirst, David (Sheffield Wednesday) 
266.  Williams, Paul (Sheffield Wednesday) 
267.  Worthington, Nigel (Sheffield Wednesday) 
268.  Harkees, John (Sheffield Wednesday) 
269.  Watson, Gordon (Sheffield Wednesday) 
270.  Warhurst, Paul (Sheffield Wednesday) 
271.  Flowers, Tim (Southampton) 
272.  Cherednik, Alek (Southampton) 
273.  Adams, Mick (Southampton) 
274.  Case, Jimmy (Southampton) 
275.  Le Tissier, Matthew (Southampton) 
276.  Horne, Barry (Southampton) 
277.  Ruddock, Neil (Southampton) 
278.  Cockerill, Glenn (Southampton) 
279.  Shearer, Alan (Southampton) 
280.  Checklist #2
281.  Gittens, Jon (Southampton) 
282.  Dodd, Jason (Southampton) 
283.  Thorstvedt, Erik (Tottenham Hotspur) 
284.  Van Den Hauwe, P.  (Tottenham Hotspur) 
285.  Edinburgh, Justin (Tottenham Hotspur) 
286.  Sedgeley, Steve (Tottenham Hotspur) 
287.  Howells, David (Tottenham Hotspur) 
288.  Mabbutt, Gary (Tottenham Hotspur) 
289.  Stewart, Paul (Tottenham Hotspur) 
290.  Gascoigne, Paul (Tottenham Hotspur) 
291.  Nayim (Tottenham Hotspur) 
292.  Lineker, Gary (Tottenham Hotspur) 
293.  Allen, Paul (Tottenham Hotspur) 
294.  Samways, Vinny (Tottenham Hotspur) 
295.  Walsh, Paul (Tottenham Hotspur) 
296.  Thomas, Mitchell (Tottenham Hotspur) 
297.  Fenwick, Terry (Tottenham Hotspur) 
298.  Moncur, John (Tottenham Hotspur) 
299.  Mislosko, Ludo (West Ham United) 
300.  Potts, Steve (West Ham United)
301.  Foster, Colin (West Ham United) 
302.  Keen, Kevin (West Ham United) 
303.  Bishop, Ian (West Ham United) 
304.  McAvennie, Frank (West Ham United) 
305.  Slater, Stuart (West Ham United) 
306.  Allen, Martin (West Ham United) 
307.  Morley, Trevor (West Ham United) 
308.  Quinn, Jimmy (West Ham United) 
309.  Parris, George (West Ham United) 
310.  Gayle, Tony (West Ham United) 
311.  Hughton, Chris (West Ham United) 
312.  Dowie, Iain (West Ham United) 
313.  Segers, Hans (Wimbledon) 
314.  Joseph, Roger (Wimbledon) 
315.  Phelan, Terry (Wimbledon) 
316.  Barton, Warren (Wimbledon) 
317.  Scales, John (Wimbledon) 
318.  Curle, Keith (Wimbledon) 
319.  Fashanu, John (Wimbledon) 
320.  Sanchez, Lawrie (Wimbledon) 
321.  Blackwell, Dean (Wimbledon) 
322.  McGee, Paul (Wimbledon) 
323.  Clarke, Andy (Wimbledon) 
324.  Gibson, Terry (Wimbledon) 
325.  Kruszynski, Detzi (Wimbledon) 
326.  Earle, Robbie (Wimbledon) 
327.  Goram, Andy (Rangers) 
328.  Stevens, Gary (Rangers) 
329.  Steven, Trevor (Rangers) 
330.  Gough, Richard (Rangers) 
331.  McCoist, Ally (Rangers) 
332.  Spackman, Nigel (Rangers) 
333.  Hurlock, Terry (Rangers) 
334.  Walters, Mark (Rangers) 
335.  Johnston, Mo (Rangers) 
336.  Hateley, Mark (Rangers) 
337.  Ferguson, Ian (Rangers) 
338.  Nisbet, Scott (Rangers) 
339.  Huistra, Pieter (Rangers) 
340.  Robertson, David (Rangers) 
341.  Vinnicombe, Chris (Rangers) 
342.  Bonner, Pat (Celtic) 
343.  Rogan, Anton (Celtic) 
344.  McNally, Mark (Celtic) 
345.  Wdowczyk, Dariusz (Celtic) 
346.  Whyte, Derek (Celtic) 
347.  Galloway, Mike (Celtic) 
348.  Fulton, Steve (Celtic) 
349.  Grant, Peter (Celtic) 
350.  Miller, Joe (Celtic)
351.  Creaney, Gerry (Celtic) 
352.  Nicholas, Charlie (Celtic) 
353.  Coyne, Tommy (Celtic) 
354.  McStay, Paul (Celtic) 
355.  Collins, John (Celtic) 
356.  Cascarino, Tony (Celtic) 
357.  Dziekanowski, Jacki (Celtic) 
358.  Snelders, Theo (Aberdeen) 
359.  McLeish, Alex (Aberdeen) 
360.  McKimmie, Stewart (Aberdeen) 
361.  Bett, Jim (Aberdeen) 
362.  Conner, Robert (Aberdeen) 
363.  Booth, Scott (Aberdeen) 
364.  Jess, Eoin (Aberdeen) 
365.  Van Der Ark, Willem (Aberdeen) 
366.  Van De Ven, Peter (Aberdeen) 
367.  Gillhaus, Hans (Aberdeen) 
368.  Wright, Steve (Aberdeen) 
369.  Grant, Brian (Aberdeen) 
370.  Irvine, Brian (Aberdeen) 
371.  Main, Alan (Dundee United) 
372.  Clark, John (Dundee United) 
373.  Van Der Hoorn, Freddy (Dundee United) 
374.  Malpas, Maurice (Dundee United) 
375.  Cleland, Alex (Dundee United) 
376.  McKinlay, Billy (Dundee United) 
377.  McInally, Jim (Dundee United) 
378.  McKinnon, Ray (Dundee United) 
379.  Jackson, Darren (Dundee United) 
380.  O'Neill, Michael (Dundee United) 
381.  Checklist #3
382.  Bowman, David (Dundee United) 
383.  O'Neil, John (Dundee United) 
384.  Paatelainen, Mixu (Dundee United) 
385.  Graham, George (Arsenal) 
386.  Souness, Graeme (Liverpool) 
387.  Atkinson, Ron (Aston Villa) 
388.  Shreeve, Peter (Tottenham Hotspur) 
389.  Porterfield, Ian (Chelsea) 
390.  Reid, Peter (Manchester City) 
391.  Ferguson, Alex (Manchester United) 
392.  Kendall, Howard (Everton) 
393.  Wilkinson, Howard (Leeds United) 
394.  Clough, Brian (Nottingham Forest) 
395.  Bonds, Billy (West Ham United) 
396.  Coppell, Steve (Crystal Palace)

Shooting Stars - Embossed Autograph Cards
6 cards

19.  Merson, Paul (Arsenal) 
76.  Southall, Neville (Everton) 
114.  Rush, Ian (Liverpool) 
168.  Sharpe, Lee (Manchester United) 
290.  Gascoigne, Paul (Tottenham Hotspur) 
352.  Nicholas, Charlie (Celtic) 

Shooting Stars - variations
6 known

119.  Rosenthal, Ronnie (Liverpool) picture on back with blue top
119.  Rosenthal, Ronnie (Liverpool) picture on back with red top

141.  Ian Brightwell (photo correct)
141.  Ian Brightwell (photo reversed)

162.  Neil Webb (photo correct)
162.  Neil Webb (photo reversed)

243.  Simon Tracey (photo correct)
243.  Simon Tracey (photo reversed)

244.  John Pemberton (photo correct)
244.  John Pemberton (photo reversed)

338.  Nisbet, Scott (Rangers) picture on back correct
338.  Nisbet, Scott (Rangers) picture on back Stevens, Gary (Rangers)


  1. If anyone has the signed Paul Merson card, please get in touch:

    I'm willing to pay a good price for it.

    My collection:

    PS. Keep up the good work, Alan!

  2. Simon Tracey played for Sheffield United, not QPR. :)

  3. I have the signed lee sharpe card if anyone would like to buy it

    1. Is it still available?

    2. I have one for sale but don't know what it's worth ?

    3. I have the lee Sharpe for sale

  4. Another error in this set, Alan - the back of card 264 has the Peter Shirtliff picture instead of John Sheridan

    1. Hi Pat,

      Thanks for letting me know. I wonder if they ever updated the picture on the back, seeing as how they use the same photo of Peter Shirtliff's own card. I'll get images on my blog tomorrow or the day after.



  5. Does anyone have the Rush signed card for sale? Regards, Guy

  6. Hi i have the signed 91 lee Sharpe card how much is it worth ?


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