Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Parkside Collectibles (USA) - 2022 NWSL (03) - Racing Louisville FC B&W Error Cards

2022 NWSL
Parkside Collectibles
400+ cards

The Black & White Parallels of the Racing Louisville FC cards from the first print run all have Portland Thorns FC backs. Here is a list provided by Calvin Hobbes from the NWSL Trading Card Collectors group on Facebook, along with a few examples.

25.  Addisyn Merrick (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     203.  Becky Sauerbrunn (Portland Thorns FC)
42.  Dr Nadia Nadim (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     186.  Christine Sinclair (Portland Thorns FC)
44.  Savannah DeMelo (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     49.  Sam Coffey (Portland Thorns FC)
58.  Lauren Milliet (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     202.  Olivia Moultrie (Portland Thorns FC)
68.  Emina Ekić (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     101.  Hina Sugita (Portland Thorns FC)
73.  Kirsten Davis (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     179.  Natalie Beckman (Portland Thorns FC)
78.  Erin Simon (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     126.  Kelli Hubly (Portland Thorns FC)
82.  Emily Fox (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     46.  Emily Menges (Portland Thorns FC)
87.  Jess McDonald (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     221.  Meghan Nally (Portland Thorns FC)
90.  Freja Olofsson (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     38.  Madison "Po" Pogarch (Portland Thorns FC)
112.  Taylor Otto (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     168.  Sophia Smith (Portland Thorns FC)
132.  Gemma Bonner (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     93.  Marissa Everett (Portland Thorns FC)
134.  Jordyn Bloomer (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     103.  Morgan Weaver (Portland Thorns FC)
139.  Katie Lund (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     117.  Natalia Kuikka (Portland Thorns FC)
169.  Ebony Salmon (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     201.  Crystal Dunn (Portland Thorns FC)
173.  Cece Kizer (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     19.  Bella Bixby (Portland Thorns FC)
204.  Nealy Martin (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     6.  Rocky Rodriguez (Portland Thorns FC)
211.  Julia Lester (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     98.  Yazmeen Ryan (Portland Thorns FC)
213.  Jaelin Howell (Racing Louisville FC)
     b/w     54.  Meghan Klingenberg (Portland Thorns FC)

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