Saturday, 6 August 2022

Unknown issuer (Yugoslavia) - Fudbol (1934)

Unknown issuer
? cards

I believe these cards are cut from sheets so size can vary slightly but the average dimensions are 48 x 35mm. The backs are blank so I have no idea who issued them. The backs of some cards show series of dotted lines so I presume the cards should be cut by following these dotted lines. There are at least 7 series of at least 12 cards in each and I believe there is an album to collect them in too. Does anyone know anymore? Please leave a comment if you can help.

Cер. I, Бр. 1.  M. Jaksić
Cер. I, Бр. 2.  
Cер. I, Бр. 3.  D. Mihajlović
Cер. I, Бр. 4.  
Cер. I, Бр. 5.  L. Stebanović
Cер. I, Бр. 6.  M. Djokić
Cер. I, Бр. 7.  
Cер. I, Бр. 8.  
Cер. I, Бр. 9.  I. Bek
Cер. I, Бр. 10.  D. Vujadinović
Cер. I, Бр. 11.  B. Sekulić

Cер. II, Бр. 1.  O. Gazzari
Cер. II, Бр. 2.  P. Radovanović
Cер. II, Бр. 3.  D. Tosić
Cер. II, Бр. 4.  M. Arsenijević
Cер. II, Бр. 5.  M. Jovanović
Cер. II, Бр. 6.  L. Djordjević
Cер. II, Бр. 7.  
Cер. II, Бр. 8.  
Cер. II, Бр. 9.  
Cер. II, Бр. 10.  D. Vujadinoviv
Cер. II, Бр. 11.  D. Virić

Cер. III, Бр. 11.  D. Zecević
Cер. III, Бр. 12.  F. Giler

Cер. V, Бр. 1.  M. Mihelčić
Cер. V, Бр. 11.  M. Kokotović

Cер. VI, Бр. 5.  D. Premerl

Cер. VII, Бр. 8.  I. Hitreć

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