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Panini - UEFA Women's Euro England 2022 (06) - Checklist

UEFA Women's Euro England 2022
366+ stickers

The collection is still expected to ship from 9 May, 2022 but I think compiling a checklist will take time as all the player details are included on the stickers. I hope I'm wrong but I expect the 40 page album to just include sticker numbers and no player details. The collection features 15 teams, with Russia suspended and removed from the original album. I will be adding more information as and when it becomes available.
UPDATE (07-05-2022 09:40):  Thanks to Wila75 for his help with the checklist and for providing a scan of the album cover. The album is available in the Netherlands.
UPDATE (07-05-2022 14:55):  Due to the late decision by UEFA to allow the Portuguese team to replace the Russian team, the packets for the collection initially only contain 344 stickers (including 29 special stickers). The stickers of the Portuguese team are currently being produced and will be offered by Panini at a later date. Those collectors who buy the Collector's Box or the Collector's Bundle will receive the stickers of the Portuguese team free of charge.
UPDATE (08-05-2022 14:10):  The checklist is as complete as it can be at this point. It will be updated as soon as the Portuguese stickers are released. Thanks again to Wila75 for all his help.
UPDATE (10-05-2022 08:57):  Portugal added, thanks to an anonymous comment and the collectosk website -

1.  Official Mascots  -  Foil
2.  Official Trophy 1/2  -  Foil
3.  Official Trophy 2/2  -  Foil
4.  Official Logotype  -  Foil
5.  Official Match Ball  -  Foil

6.  Brighton & Hove
7.  London
8.  Manchester
9.  Milton Keynes
10.  Rotherham
11.  Sheffield
12.  Southampton
13.  Trafford
14.  Wigan & Leigh

15.  Team Photo (England)
16.  Team Photo (Austria)
17.  Team Photo (Norway)
18.  Team Photo (Northern Ireland)
19.  Team Photo (Germany)
20.  Team Photo (Denmark)
21.  Team Photo (Spain)
22.  Team Photo (Finland)
23.  Team Photo (Netherlands)
24.  Team Photo (Sweden)
25.  Team Photo (Portugal)
26.  Team Photo (Switzerland)
27.  Team Photo (France)
28.  Team Photo (Italy)
29.  Team Photo (Belgium)
30.  Team Photo (Iceland)

UEFA Women's Euro England 2022 - Group A

31.  Emblem (England)  -  Foil
32.  Mary Earps (England)
33.  Ellie Roebuck (England)
34.  Steph Houghton (England)
35.  Leah Williamson (England)
36.  Millie Bright (England)
37.  Rachel Daly (England)
38.  Alex Greenwood (England)
39.  Demi Stokes (England)
40.  Lucy Bronze (England)
41.  Georgia Stanway (England)
42.  Keira Walsh (England)
43.  Ella Toone (England)
44.  Jill Scott (England)
45.  Jordan Nobbs (England)
46.  Bethany England (England)
47.  Fran Kirby (England)
48.  Bethany Mead (England)
49.  Nikita Parris (England)
50.  Lauren Hemp (England)
51.  Ellen White (England)

52.  Emblem (Austria)  -  Foil
53.  Manuela Zinsberger (Austria)
54.  Isabella Kresche (Austria)
55.  Carina Wenninger (Austria)
56.  Virginia Kirchberger (Austria)
57.  Laura Wienroither (Austria)
58.  Verena Hanshaw (Austria)
59.  Katharina Schiechtl (Austria)
60.  Katharina Naschenweng (Austria)
61.  Viktoria Schnaderbeck (Austria)
62.  Marina Georgieva (Austria)
63.  Sarah Puntigam (Austria)
64.  Barbara Dunst (Austria)
65.  Sarah Zadrazil (Austria)
66.  Marie-Therese Höbinger (Austria)
67.  Laura Feiersinger (Austria)
68.  Jasmin Eder (Austria)
69.  Maria Plattner (Austria)
70.  Katja Wienerroither (Austria)
71.  Stefanie Enzinger (Austria)
72.  Nicole Billa (Austria)

73.  Emblem (Norway)  -  Foil
74.  Cecilie Hauståker Fiskerstrand (Norway)
75.  Aurora Mikalsen (Norway)
76.  Maria Thorisdottir (Norway)
77.  Synne Skinnes Hansen (Norway)
78.  Anja Sønstevold (Norway)
79.  Maren Nævdal Mjelde (Norway)
80.  Tuva Hansen (Norway)
81.  Guro Bergsvand (Norway)
82.  Karina Sævik (Norway)
83.  Ingrid Syrstad Engen (Norway)
84.  Frida Leonhardsen Maanum (Norway)
85.  Guro Reiten (Norway)
86.  Vilde Bøe Risa (Norway)
87.  Julie Blakstad (Norway)
88.  Emilie Bragstad (Norway)
89.  Lisa Fjeldstad Naalsund (Norway)
90.  Amalie Vevle Eikeland (Norway)
91.  Elisabeth Terland (Norway)
92.  Caroline Graham Hansen (Norway)
93.  Emilie Bosshard Haavi (Norway)

94.  Emblem (Northern Ireland)  -  Foil
95.  Jackie Burns (Northern Ireland)
96.  Becky Flaherty (Northern Ireland)
97.  Julie Nelson (Northern Ireland)
98.  Demi Vance (Northern Ireland)
99.  Laura Rafferty (Northern Ireland)
100.  Kelsie Burrows (Northern Ireland)
101.  Rebecca McKenna (Northern Ireland)
102.  Ashley Hutton (Northern Ireland)
103.  Rebecca Holloway (Northern Ireland)
104.  Sarah McFadden (Northern Ireland)
105.  Marissa Callaghan (Northern Ireland)
106.  Chloe McCarron (Northern Ireland)
107.  Louise McDaniel (Northern Ireland)
108.  Ciara Watling (Northern Ireland)
109.  Nadene Caldwell (Northern Ireland)
110.  Rachel Furness (Northern Ireland)
111.  Kerry Beattie (Northern Ireland)
112.  Lauren Wade (Northern Ireland)
113.  Simone Magill (Northern Ireland)
114.  Kirsty McGuinness (Northern Ireland)

UEFA Women's Euro England 2022 - Group B

115.  Emblem (Germany)  -  Foil
116.  Merle Frohms (Germany)
117.  Almuth Schult (Germany)
118.  Ann-Katrin Berger (Germany)
119.  Sophia Kleinherne (Germany)
120.  Kathrin Hendrich (Germany)
121.  Giulia Gwinn (Germany)
122.  Lena Oberdorf (Germany)
123.  Sjoeke Nüsken (Germany)
124.  Sydney Lohmann (Germany)
125.  Jule Brand (Germany)
126.  Melanie Leupolz (Germany)
127.  Svenja Huth (Germany)
128.  Dzsenifer Marozsán (Germany)
129.  Sara Däbritz (Germany)
130.  Linda Dallmann (Germany)
131.  Lina Magull (Germany)
132.  Klara Bühl (Germany)
133.  Lea Schüller (Germany)
134.  Alexandra Popp (Germany)
135.  Laura Freigang (Germany)

136.  Emblem (Denmark)  -  Foil
137.  Lene Christensen (Denmark)
138.  Kathrine Larsen (Denmark)
139.  Sara Thrige (Denmark)
140.  Rikke Sevecke (Denmark)
141.  Katrine Veje (Denmark)
142.  Sofie Svava (Denmark)
143.  Karen Holmgaard (Denmark)
144.  Janni Thomsen (Denmark)
145.  Simone Boye (Denmark)
146.  Sofie Bredgaard (Denmark)  Stine Ballisager (Denmark)  - amended 30-06-2022  -  thanks to Brizzle
147.  Sanne Troelsgaard (Denmark)
148.  Emma Snerle (Denmark)
149.  Pernille Harder (Denmark)
150.  Sofie Junge (Denmark)
151.  Caroline Møller (Denmark)
152.  Stine Larsen (Denmark)
153.  Rikke Marie Madsen (Denmark)
154.  Nadia Nadim (Denmark)
155.  Signe Bruun (Denmark)
156.  Mille Gejl (Denmark)

157.  Emblem (Spain)  -  Foil
158.  Sandra Paños (Spain)
159.  Dolores Gallardo (Spain)
160.  Ona Batlle (Spain)
161.  Andrea Pereira (Spain)
162.  Ivana Andrés (Spain)
163.  Irene Paredes (Spain)
164.  Mapi León (Spain)
165.  Leila Ouahabi (Spain)
166.  Nerea Eizagirre (Spain)
167.  Aitana Bonmatí (Spain)
168.  Irene Guerrero (Spain)
169.  Mariona Caldentey (Spain)
170.  Patricia Guijarro (Spain)
171.  Alexia Putellas (Spain)
172.  Marta Cardona (Spain)
173.  Alba Redondo (Spain)
174.  Amaiur Sarriegi (Spain)
175.  Esther González (Spain)
176.  Jennifer Hermoso (Spain)
177.  Athenea del Castillo (Spain)

178.  Emblem (Finland)  -  Foil
179.  Tinja-Riikka Korpela (Finland)
180.  Anna Tamminen (Finland)
181.  Elli Pikkujämsä (Finland)
182.  Tuija Hyyrynen (Finland)
183.  Emma Koivisto (Finland)
184.  Natalia Kuikka (Finland)
185.  Anna Westerlund (Finland)
186.  Anna Auvinen (Finland)
187.  Ria Öling (Finland)
188.  Olga Ahtinen (Finland)
189.  Nora Heroum (Finland)
190.  Essi Sainio (Finland)
191.  Eveliina Summanen (Finland)
192.  Emmi Alanen (Finland)
193.  Adelina Engman (Finland)
194.  Amanda Rantanen (Finland)
195.  Juliette Kemppi (Finland)
196.  Jutta Rantala (Finland)
197.  Sanni Franssi (Finland)
198.  Linda Sällström (Finland)

UEFA Women's Euro England 2022 - Group C

199.  Emblem (Netherlands)  -  Foil
200.  Sari van Veenendaal (Netherlands)
201.  Lize Kop (Netherlands)
202.  Aniek Nouwen (Netherlands)
203.  Stefanie van der Gragt (Netherlands)
204.  Dominique Janssen (Netherlands)
205.  Merel van Dongen (Netherlands)
206.  Lynn Wilms (Netherlands)
207.  Kika van Es (Netherlands)
208.  Samantha van Diemen (Netherlands)
209.  Jackie Groenen (Netherlands)
210.  Jill Roord (Netherlands)
211.  Sherida Spitse (Netherlands)
212.  Victoria Pelova (Netherlands)
213.  Inessa Kaagman (Netherlands)
214.  Daniëlle van de Donk (Netherlands)
215.  Vivianne Miedema (Netherlands)
216.  Lineth Beerensteyn (Netherlands)
217.  Shanice van de Sanden (Netherlands)
218.  Katja Snoeijs (Netherlands)
219.  Lieke Martens (Netherlands)

220.  Emblem (Sweden)  -  Foil
221.  Jennifer Falk (Sweden)
222.  Hedvig Lindahl (Sweden)
223.  Amanda Ilestedt (Sweden)
224.  Magdalena Eriksson (Sweden)
225.  Nathalie Björn (Sweden)
226.  Jonna Andersson (Sweden)
227.  Hanna Glas (Sweden)
228.  Linda Sembrant (Sweden)
229.  Nilla Fischer (Sweden)
230.  Caroline Seger (Sweden)
231.  Filippa Angeldahl (Sweden)
232.  Olivia Schough (Sweden)
233.  Hanna Bennison (Sweden)
234.  Kosovare Asllani (Sweden)
235.  Sofia Jakobsson (Sweden)
236.  Stina Blackstenius (Sweden)
237.  Fridolina Rolfö (Sweden)
238.  Lina Hurtig (Sweden)
239.  Anna Anvegård (Sweden)
240.  Madelen Janogy (Sweden)

UEFA Women's Euro England 2022 - Portugal

241.  Emblem (Portugal)  -  Foil
242.  Patrícia Morais (Portugal)
243.  Inês Pereira (Portugal)
244.  Catarina Amado (Portugal)
245.  Alicia Correia (Portugal)
246.  Carole (Portugal)
247.  Diana Gomes (Portugal)
248.  Joana Marchão (Portugal)
249.  Sílvia Rebelo (Portugal)
250.  Dolores Silva (Portugal)
251.  Andreia Faria (Portugal)
252.  Andreia Jacinto (Portugal)
253.  Vanessa Marques (Portugal)
254.  Francisca Nazareth (Portugal)
255.  Fátima Pinto (Portugal)
256.  Tatiana Pinto (Portugal)
257.  Andreia Norton (Portugal)
258.  Ana Borges (Portugal)
259.  Carolina Mendes (Portugal)
260.  Diana Silva (Portugal)
261.  Jessica Silva (Portugal)

262.  Emblem (Switzerland)  -  Foil
263.  Gaëlle Thalmann (Switzerland)
264.  Seraina Friedli (Switzerland)
265.  Luana Bühler (Switzerland)
266.  Noelle Maritz (Switzerland)
267.  Julia Stierli (Switzerland)
268.  Rahel Kiwic (Switzerland)
269.  Rachel Rinast (Switzerland)
270.  Viola Calligaris (Switzerland)
271.  Eseosa Aigbogun (Switzerland)
272.  Coumba Sow (Switzerland)
273.  Alisha Lehmann (Switzerland)
274.  Sandy Maendly (Switzerland)
275.  Riola Xhemaili (Switzerland)
276.  Sandrine Mauron (Switzerland)
277.  Lia Wälti (Switzerland)
278.  Géraldine Reuteler (Switzerland)
279.  Ana-Maria Crnogorčević (Switzerland)
280.  Svenja Fölmli (Switzerland)
281.  Ramona Bachmann (Switzerland)
282.  Fabienne Humm (Switzerland)

UEFA Women's Euro England 2022 - Group D

283.  Emblem (France)  -  Foil
284.  Pauline Peyraud-Magnin (France)
285.  Solène Durand (France)
286.  Griedge Mbock Bathy (France)
287.  Aïssatou Tounkara (France)
288.  Marion Torrent (France)
289.  Sakina Karchaoui (France)
290.  Wendie Renard (France)
291.  Ève Périsset (France)
292.  Charlotte Bilbault (France)
293.  Sandie Toletti (France)
294.  Grace Geyoro (France)
295.  Viviane Asseyi (France)
296.  Kenza Dali (France)
297.  Sandy Baltimore (France)
298.  Marie-Antoinette Katoto (France)
299.  Clara Matéo (France)
300.  Kadidiatou Diani (France)
301.  Delphine Cascarino (France)
302.  Valérie Gauvin (France)
303.  Melvine Malard (France)

304.  Emblem (Italy)  -  Foil
305.  Laura Giuliani (Italy)
306.  Katja Schroffenegger (Italy)
307.  Elisa Bartoli (Italy)
308.  Lisa Boattin (Italy)
309.  Sara Gama (Italy)
310.  Martina Lenzini (Italy)
311.  Elena Linari (Italy)
312.  Cecilia Salvai (Italy)
313.  Alia Guagni (Italy)
314.  Arianna Caruso (Italy)
315.  Valentina Cernoia (Italy)
316.  Aurora Galli (Italy)
317.  Manuela Giugliano (Italy)
318.  Martina Rosucci (Italy)
319.  Valentina Bergamaschi (Italy)
320.  Barbara Bonansea (Italy)
321.  Valentina Giacinti (Italy)
322.  Cristiana Girelli (Italy)
323.  Benedetta Glionna (Italy)
324.  Annamaria Serturini (Italy)

325.  Emblem (Belgium)  -  Foil
326.  Nicky Evrard (Belgium)
327.  Diede Lemey (Belgium)
328.  Isabelle Iliano (Belgium)
329.  Laura Deloose (Belgium)
330.  Laura De Neve (Belgium)
331.  Julie Biesmans (Belgium)
332.  Amber Tysiak (Belgium)
333.  Davina Philtjens (Belgium)
334.  Justine Vanhaevermaet (Belgium)
335.  Kassandra Missipo (Belgium)
336.  Jody Vangheluwe (Belgium)
337.  Lenie Onzia (Belgium)
338.  Marie Minnaert (Belgium)
339.  Jarne Teulings (Belgium)
340.  Tessa Wullaert (Belgium)
341.  Hannah Eurlings (Belgium)
342.  Sarah Wijnants (Belgium)
343.  Tine De Caigny (Belgium)
344.  Janice Cayman (Belgium)
345.  Jassina Blom (Belgium)

346.  Emblem (Iceland)  -  Foil
347.  Sandra Sigurdardóttir (Iceland)
348.  Cecilía Rán Rúnarsdóttir (Iceland)
349.  Elísa Vidarsdóttir (Iceland)
350.  Glódís Perla Viggósdóttir (Iceland)
351.  Ingibjörg Sigurdardóttir (Iceland)
352.  Hallbera Gudný Gísladóttir (Iceland)
353.  Sif Atladóttir (Iceland)
354.  Gudný Árnadóttir (Iceland)
355.  Gudrún Arnardóttir (Iceland)
356.  Gunnhildur Yrsa Jónsdóttir (Iceland)
357.  Karólína Lea Vilhjálmsdóttir (Iceland)
358.  Sara Björk Gunnarsdóttir (Iceland)
359.  Alexandra Jóhannsdóttir (Iceland)
360.  Dagný Brynjarsdóttir (Iceland)
361.  Berglind Björg Thorvaldsdóttir (Iceland)
362.  Agla María Albertsdóttir (Iceland)
363.  Svava Rós Gudmundsdóttir (Iceland)
364.  Sveindís Jane Jónsdóttir (Iceland)
365.  Elín Metta Jensen (Iceland)
366.  Amanda Jacobsen Andradóttir (Iceland)

UEFA Women's Euro England 2022 - Portugal Update

C1.  Name Label (Portugal)
C2.  Team History (Portugal)
C3.  Team Name (Portugal)
C4.  Flag (Portugal)


  1. Excellent info as usual. Any idea if Portugal will replace Russia in the album since it is official that it will replace it at the tournament?

    1. It's probably too late for Panini to include Portugal as the collection is due to ship next week.

    2. I'll be looking to see if Panini Portugal do some sort of supplement though.

    3. Panini Germany have confirmed Portugal stickers are being produced now and will be shipped to everyone who's bought the collectors bundle or collectors box from their website, free of charge.

    4. Thank you, I noticed that too. Added a list of 'C' stickers relating to Portugal too.

    5. Update: I see the Portugal stickers are now being offered together in the bundle with the 75 packet box + album on the Dutch and Belgian websites. No option to buy the Portugal stickers separately as of yet there. I pre-ordered my set from the Dutch website in April. They, unlike the Germans, had made no promises about sending the stickers after production. So I've contacted them and am now waiting on a response.

    6. Thank you for your help, I hope you get a favourable response from Panini.

  2. Thanks. I guess you're right. Strongly doubt that any supplement will be published in Portugal but no harm waiting (sorry for the anonymous sign-in... not able to introduce my Google account).

  3. No problem, thanks for taking the time to respond.

  4. Found my way here, lol I wonder if Panini will do a reprinted version of the album with Portugal added at some point, if people are going to stick the stickers in the album, I would suggest to wait to see what develops. Usually I keep an album empty and stickers loosely.

    1. It's possible, but I think it more likely that Panini Portugal might produce a special supplement for their country.

  5. So up to now there's only four sickers

  6. Replies
    1. As I've stated, Panini are producing the Portuguese stickers but they are not ready yet. Stickers C1 to C4 are for updating the pages in the album that don't include team details. C1 and C2 for the pages that includes the team photos, while C3 and C4 will be used to customize the page that is currently blank but would have included the Russian team.

  7. Thanks it's just so late this decision

  8. Can you please explain me what you mean by "Those collectors who buy the Collector's Box or the Collector's Bundle will receive the stickers of the Portuguese team free of charge."
    Panini Portugal has written to me saying that they have no plans to launch the collection in Portugal. I guess this can still change but it is not easy to get any info regarding the issue of Portugal stickers. Thanks.

    1. That's what Panini in Germany are telling their customers. At the moment, that's all I know.

  9. Great. Thanks. I went and checked Panini Germany and it seems clear (enough). Thanks again. Luis

    1. Hi Luis,

      No problem, glad I was able to help.

  10. Thank you for your dedication in compiling all the information! I would just like to add that sticker no. 35 is actually "Leah" Williamson.

  11. Hi Alan do you know if sticker number 7 is Wembley or the Brentford Community Stadium?

    1. I haven't seen that one yet, I'm hoping to get scans later this week, fingers crossed.

    2. Just had a note from Wila75, the stickers are host cities, no stadiums shown at all.

  12. Hopefully panini uk might added them to thhe strike it magazine

  13. Panini should definitely do it in the strike it magazine you got a free album so why not to get the free Portugal to go make sense to me

    1. Yeah but i don't think they will do that because on YouTube someone did a. Video looks like it's gonna be online only

  14. Thanks for the checklist and your hard work, you would have thought they could have put the team stickers, among the the team stickers, they really seem odd when you compare them to previous football sticker albums, that's my only nit-pick.

    1. Hi Martin, I agree, I think that's where they should be too.

  15. And I've just noticed something on the front cover of the album, on the right side of the album there are only three countries instead of 4, so I'm guessing Panini will produce a Portugal sticker to stick underneath

    1. Hi Martin,

      They are doing extra stickers, perhaps they will include one for the cover.

  16. I think i found the portugal check list
    C3 Portugal Team Name
    C4 Portugal Country Flag
    241 Portugal Emblem
    242 Patrícia Morais
    243 Inês Pereira
    244 Catarina Amado
    245 Alicia Correia
    246 Carole
    247 Diana Gomes
    248 Joana Marchão
    249 Sílvia Rebelo
    250 Dolores Silva
    251 Andreia Faria
    252 Andreia Jacinto 253
    Francis5 Marques 253 4 Francis5 Marques eth Fatima Pinto 256 Tatiana Pinto 257 Andreia Norton 258 Ana Borges 259 Carolina Mendes 260 Diana Silva 261 Jessica Silva

  17. I found it on

  18. Your welcome u have to translate it but your welcome

  19. My starter pack and box of 75 packets arrived via courier by 10am this morning [10th May] with typical Panini efficiency. It may help other set building collectors to know that the online-only box of 75 packets gives you a complete set of the stickers [minus the 22 Portugal stickers of course] plus a total of 31 swaps.

    1. Thank you for sharing the information.

    2. A box of 75 packets does not give you a complete set of stickers as I had 4 missing for completion

    3. Likewise, I am now waiting to order 2 via the missing stickers service.

  20. Boa tarde ,sabe se a colecao sai nas bancas em Portugal?

    1. Olá, Foi-me dito que não estaria disponível em Portugal, mas isso pode ter mudado.

      Hi, I was told that it wouldn't be available in Portugal, but that might have changed.

  21. Any news on portugal

    1. At the moment, nothing more than what is already included here.

  22. Buenas cuando los subas los de Portugal podrías avisarme al whatssap +34 641260558 porfi

    1. Hi,

      Sorry, I do not use WhatsApp. I've got this post showing the sheets but I have not yet compiled a list of the stickers:

      Panini - UEFA Women's Euro England 2022 (11) - Portugal Sticker Sheets

  23. Do you know if Portugal Stickers will still be sold separately as announced or will they be included with the newest packets? Except for Panini DE: I can't find anything regarding this issue. Your post "Panini - UEFA Women's Euro England 2022 (11) - Portugal Sticker Sheets" suggests that they will be available pretty soon... am I right? Best. Luis

    1. Hi Luis,

      Sorry, I still don't have any additional information at the moment.

    2. Thanks. Just found out that Panini Italy is already selling Portugal's team pack "UEFA WOMEN'S EURO 2022 - Set aggiornamento gruppo C – Team Portogallo" for 2,90€ (sold only to Italy and San Marino). Panini Belgium announces that will sell the pack but together with other items... Hopefully is just a question of time until the pack is sold separately everywhere. Luis

  24. Hi. Apparently the newspaper Daily Record has issued vouchers for a couple of 6 sticker sheets in may. Transferrable at WHSmiths.Found 3 players I needed including Penille Harder by looks of the photo of sheets on the daily record site.

    1. Hi, They may or may not be similar to these:

      Panini - UEFA Women's Euro England 2022 (09) - 6-Sticker Sheet

    2. Hello,
      Does anyone know why Portugal's shield is not shiny?

    3. It's probably a printing problem. It might not be possible to make the badge shiny when the rest of the sheet is plain paper.

    4. Hi, Alan,
      Thanks for the reply.
      It could be because they were printed on the same sheet as the other cards. But it is disadvantaged in relation to the other teams. They could have printed the Shield separately.

  25. Just a quick update on a change to this checklist. Sticker #146 is listed as

    146. Sofie Bredgaard (Denmark)

    but it's actually

    146. Stine Ballisager (Denmark)

    I was looking for the Bredgaard sticker on eBay, but the only 146 available is Ballisager, and it looks like Bredgaard is not included in the set.


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