Monday, 9 May 2022

Futera - Liverpool ~ The Headliners (2021-22) (02)

Liverpool ~ The Headliners
11 cards

Futera have just produced another eight Headliners cards featuring some of Liverpool's star players. Futera hasn't provided card numbers so I've used their SKU numbers. Each player’s cards will include rare, individually foil-numbered Parallels, including a Futera '1 of 1' 24ct gold plated framed card, so everyone has a chance that their card may be one of these rare parallels! Each card is priced at $19.00.

Liverpool ~ The Headliners
PARALLEL; Liverpool ~ The Headliners - ??? #/?
PARALLEL; Liverpool ~ The Headliners - Gold-Plated Frame 1/1

ULLFCTH22A01.  Mohamed Salah
ULLFCTH22A02.  Harvey Elliot
ULLFCTH22A03.  Luis Diaz
ULLFCTH22A04.  Max Woltman
ULLFCTH22A05.  Harvey Blair
ULLFCTH22A06.  Carla Humphrey
ULLFCTH22A07.  Missy Bo Kearns
ULLFCTH22A08.  Ashley Hodson

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