Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Thomas Holloway - Hollloway's Sports and Pastimes of all Nations

Holloway's Sports and Pastimes of all Nations
Thomas Holloway
50 cards (½ football)

Another version of the set that was originally issued by Arbuckle Bros. in the United States. A stated previously, the set doesn't actually feature football but the England card, depicting cricket, fox hunting and rowing on the front, does mention the sport on the back:
Foot-ball another and most popular national game of Old England can be traced back to the Greeks who had a game which roughly resembled it. So also did the Romans. It is related that the ancient Britons of the venerable cities of Chester and Derby were the first who played football and that their games were held to commemorate victories. Sometimes the ball employed, was an uncanny one being the head of a fallen foe. Football has always thriven on English soil, and is to-day as popular as it ever has been.
See this post for more information about this set of cards, some cards include the section relating to football, but some do not:

1.  United States
2.  England
3.  Scotland
4.  Ireland
5.  Wales
6.  France
7.  Germany
8.  Holland
9.  Switzerland
10.  Spain
11.  Portugal
12.  Italy
13.  Russia
14.  Denmark
15.  Norway
16.  Sweden
17.  Assyria
18.  Tyrol
19.  Poland
20.  Gypsy
21.  Austria
22.  American Indians
23.  Canada
24.  Alaska
25.  Brazil
26.  Chile
27.  Hawaii
28.  Patagonia
29.  Cuba
30.  Mexico
31.  Central Africa
32.  Australia
33.  India
34.  Japan
35.  Persia
36.  China
37.  Turkey
38.  Arabia
39.  Tibet
40.  Esquimau
41.  Algeria
42.  Pompeii
43.  Anglo Saxon
44.  Greece
45.  Egypt
46.  Rome
47.  Judea
48.  American Negroes
49.  Medieval France
50.  Lapland

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