Tuesday, 23 November 2021

AFC Ajax supportersclub De Ajacied - AFC Ajax Postcards (1987-88)

AFC Ajax Postcards
AFC Ajax supportersclub De Ajacied
24 cards

I have been provided with a complete list of all the cards available for the 1987-88 season as well as scans of the Dennis Bergkamp card. A complete list of cards was published in the AFC Ajax Supporters Club De Ajacied magazine, the cards are unnumbered but are numbered here in accordance with that list.

1.  Johan Cruyff
2.  Aron Winter
3.  Danny Blind
4.  Stanley Menzo
5.  Peter Boeve
6.  Edo Ophof
7.  Ronald Spelbos
8.  John Bosman
9.  Hennie Meijer
10.  Sonny Silooy
11.  Frank Rijkaard
12.  Rob de Wit
13.  Petri Tiainen
14.  John van 't Schip
15.  Alistair Dick
16.  Arnold Scholten
17.  Ajax 1986/1987
18.  Jan Wouters
19.  Arnold Mühren
20.  Rob Witschge
21.  Frank Verlaat
22.  Jan Sørensen
23.  -
24.  Dennis Bergkamp
25.  -
26.  Frank Stapleton

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