Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Parkside Collectibles (USA) - 2021 NWSL Volume 2 (05) - Error Card - NW7/NW9

2021 NWSL Premier Edition, Volume 2
Parkside Collectibles
130 base cards

Parkside had some problems with the New Wave cards, the fronts and backs of these two cards have been switched.

Next Wave - Purple

NW7.  Tara McKeown (Washington Spirit)  -  front is Angelina (OL Reign)
NW9.  Angelina (OL Reign)  -  front is Tara McKeown (Washington Spirit)


  1. Looks like this may be only with the purples. I have a blue McKeown that is correct front and back. I also have Sam Hiatt and Victoria Pickett flip flopped fron and back in the purples as well.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I've got the Hiatt/Pickett card on my blog too. I thought it would be just one colour as it's a problem during printing, but I'm not very good with colours so wasn't sure which version it is.


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