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H.B. Langman & Co. Ltd. - The "Legible" Soccer Diary 1958

The "Legible" Soccer Diary 1958
H.B. Langman & Co. Ltd.
53 photos

Another "Legible" Soccer Diary checklist of photos. If you have any of these and wouldn't mind lending them to me via registered mail (both ways), please get in touch, I would eventually like to get all the dairies checklisted in this way. 32 pages of photographs, 11 have text on the back and 21 are double-sided.

Blue & White:
•  Sims (Aston Villa) b/w
Northcott (Lincoln), Dick (Accrington Stanley)
•  Flood (Southampton), Rowley (Leicester City) b/w F.A, Cup Winners 1880-1957
•  Charles (Leeds United colours) b/w Appearances in F.A. Cup Finals
•  Robb (Tottenham), Andrerson (Southend) b/w
Hodgkinson (Sheffield United), Hardwick (Doncaster Rovers)
•  Shepherd (Millwall), Gill (Brighton) b/w
Bragg (Brentford), Bridgett (Walsall)
•  Darwin (Mansfield) b/w Do You Know That....
•  Allen (West Bromwich Albion), Milburn (Newcastle United) b/w
Clough (Middlesbrough), Capel (Chesterfield)
•  Manchester United v Aston Villa - The Duke of Edinburgh being introduced to the Aston Villa team b/w
Groves (Arsenal)
•  Lofthouse (Bolton) b/w
England v Scotland at Wembley - The Earl of Roseberry being introduced to the Scottish team
•  Scottish Cup Final - Curlett scores for Kilmarnock b/w
May (Bury)
•  Hickosn (Huddersfield) b/w
Amateur Cup Final at Wembley - Bishop Auckland v Wycombe Wanderers
•  England v Wales - Schoolboys International - England's 2nd goal scored by C. Brookes b/w
Docherty (Preston North End)
•  Shackleton (Sunderland) b/w
Hannah (Newcastle United)
•  Newton (Blackburn Rovers) b/w
Leivers (Manchester City)
•  Ring (Clyde) b/w
Quixall (Sheffield)
Blue & White:
•  Eglington (Everton), Bradford (Bristol Rovers) b/w Do You Know?
•  Jones (Reading) b/w England v Scotland - Results since 1920
•  Gregory (West Ham) b/w England v Scotland - Results since 1920 (continued)
•  Charles (Swansea Town) b/w "although it has been achieved...."
•  Byrne (Manchester United), Bowyer (Stoke City) b/w
Oxford (Norwich City), Patterson (Northampton)
•  Uprichard (Portsmouth), Brown (Queens Park Rangers) b/w F.A. Youth Cup
•  Hudson (Newport County), Quairney (Rotherham United) b/w Do You Know That...
•  Kaye (Barnsley), Meadows (Watford) b/w Do You Know That...
•  Pilkington (Burnley), Clarke (Tottenham) b/w Answers to "Do You Know?"
•  England v Scotland at Wembley - Kevan scores England's Equaliser b/w
Cheeseborough (Burnley)
•  Finney (Preston) b/w
Manchester United v Aston Villa - Taylor scores for Manchester United
•  Bishop Auckd. Wins Amateur Cup - Nimmins being chaired by his team b/w
Matthews (Blackpool)
•  Baynham (Luton Town) b/w
Falkirk players Moran, Prentice and Merchant with Scottish Cup
•  Wright (Wolverhampton) b/w
Fernie (Celtic)
•  Edwards (Manchester United) b/w
England v Wales - Schoolboys International - Mitchell, Wales, nearly scores
•  Twentyman (Liverpool) b/w
Sullivan (Cardiff City)
•  Merrick (Birmingham City) b/w
Hewie (Charlton Athletic)
Is It A Foul?
14 pages of illustrations

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