Monday, 13 January 2020

Dongqiudi / 懂球帝 (China) - Footballers - Round Base (Playing Cards)

Footballers - Round Base
Dongqiudi / 懂球帝
54 cards

Playing cards featuring caricatures of famous footballers and managers. I don't have a complete checklist for this set, all the 2's are missing plus the 7♠ and a Joker. These cards are similar to the set shown recently, but these caricatures have a rounded base - Unknown issuer (China) - Footballers - Square Base (Playing Cards).
UPDATE (14-01-2020 11:22):  Chenshuzhi has been in touch to say the playing cards are probably issued by Dongqiudi / 懂球帝.

A♠.  Gianluigi Buffon
2♠.  ?
3♠.  Gareth Bale
4♠.  Gonzalo Higuain
5♠.  Joachim Loew
6♠.  Paul Pogba
7♠.  ?
8♠.  Ronaldinho
9♠.  Luis Suarez
10♠.  Zlantan Ibrahimovic
J♠.  Neymar
Q♠.  Luka Modric
K♠.  Antoine Griezmann
A♥.  Manuel Neuer
2♥.  ?
3♥.  Xabi Alonso
4♥.  Giorgio Chiellini
5♥.  Jose Mourinho
6♥.  Kevin De Bruyne
7♥.  Alexis Sanchez
8♥.  Wayne Rooney
9♥.  Franck Ribery
10♥.  Lionel Messi
J♥.  Marcelo
Q♥.  Sergio Kun Aguero
K♥.  Thomas Muller
A♣.  Josep Guardiola
2♣.  ?
3♣.  Pierre Emerick Aubameyang
4♣.  Francesc Fabregas
5♣.  Andres Iniesta
6♣.  Carlos Bacca
7♣.  Angel Di Maria
8♣.  Toni Kroos
9♣.  Karim Benzema
10♣.  Eden Hazard
J♣.  Arjen Robben
Q♣.  Mauro Icardi
K♣.  Diego Costa
A♦.  David de Gea
2♦.  ?
3♦.  Gerard Pique
4♦.  Philipp Lahm
5♦.  Jurgen Klopp
6♦.  Ronaldo
7♦.  Philippe Coutinho
7♦.  David Beckham
9♦.  Raul Gonzalez
10♦.  Francesco Totti
J♦.  Mesut Ozil
Q♦.  Javier Zanetti
K♦.  Fernando Torres
Joker.  ?
Joker.  Zinedine Zidane


  1. I Think it is published by Dongqiudi(懂球帝), A football website in china


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