Sunday, 12 January 2020

Smith's Crisps - Football Crazy Fascinating Facts File (6)

Football Crazy Fascinating Facts File
Smith's Crisps
6 adverts

It's been more than five years since I tracked down the last-but one missing advert and now I've managed to find an image of the missing one - No. 5. The quality is poor but at least it completes the list, though it's not possible to read which match the article refers to.

1.  The Heaviest Goalkeeper (Willie J. 'Fatty' Foulkes)
2.  O.A.P.'s - Old Age Players (Jack Whattam, Billie Meredith)
3.  The Fastest Goal (Roberto Rivelino - Fluminese)
4.  The Longest F.A. Cup Tie (Stoke City v Bury, 1955)
5.  The Most Undisciplined Match (Tongham Youth Club v Surrey & Hawley, 3 November, 1969)
6.  The Smallest League Crowd (Stockport County v Leicester City, 7 May, 1921 at Old Trafford, Manchester)

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