Saturday, 10 August 2019

Reyauca (Venezuela) - El Naranjito Espana 1982

El Naranjito Espana 1982
144 player stickers

I don't have a checklist for this collection, the player stickers are numbered but the players are not identified, which isn't a problem when it's Dino Zoff or Diego Maradona but it is when it's players for Algeria and El Salvador, I'm not sure if an empty album would be any help. The layout for each team page is the same with room for 18 stickers:
8 x Team Photo (Puzzle)
1 x Stadium (die-cut)
1 x Kit (die-cut)
1 x El Naranjito or FIFA Copa del Mundo (die-cut)
1 x Emblem (die-cut)
6 x Player stickers (two players per sticker)

1-6.  Italia
7-12.  Polonia
13-18.  Peru
19-24.  Camerún
25-30.  Argelia
31-36.  Alemania
37-42.  Austria
43-48.  Chile
49-54.  Argentina
55-60.  Hungria
61-66.  Bélgica
67-72.  El Salvzador
73-78.  Kuwait
79-84.  Inglaterra
85-90.  Checoslovaquia
91-96.  Francia
97-102.  España
103-108.  Yugoslavia
109-114.  Irlands del Norte
???-???.  Brasil
???-???.  Escocia
???-???.  Honduras
???-???.  Nueva Zelanda
???-???.  U.R.S.S.

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