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Boys' Magazine - BOY-490 Famous Football Teams 1921-22

BOY-490 Famous Football Teams 1921-22
Boys' Magazine
4 prints

The first free gifts given with the first four issues of Boy's Magazine.
UPDATE (06-12-2019 19:31):  Neil Hawkins has provided a scan of the Spurs sheet.
UPDATE (07-12-2019 21:11):  Neil Hawkins has provided images of the Chelsea team photo and the cover of the original magazine and I've added scans of the Aston Villa and Manchester City teams (though the Aston Villa one is an old scan and the resolution is poor).
UPDATE (11-12-2019 14:27):  Neil Hawkins has sent a new photo of the Aston Villa print along with a scan of the front cover of the magazine.

Aston Villa FC   -   issue no. 1, dated 25 February, 1922
F.Miles (trainer), Price, Jackson, G. Blackburn, E. Blackburn, Dickson, Young, Yorke, Moss, Taylor, Walker, Barson, Smart, Dorrell, Kirton, Weston.
Tottenham Hotspur FC   -   issue no. 2, dated 4 March, 1922
W. Minter (Trainer), B. Smith, T. Clay, A. Hunter, A. Grimsdell, C. Walters, R. McDonald, J. Banks, J. Seed, J. Cantrell, B. Bliss, J. Dimmock.
Chelsea FC   -   issue no. 3, dated 11 March, 1922
Manchester City FC   -   issue no. 4, dated 18 March, 1922

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