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J.A. Pattreiouex (Casket Cigarettes / Critic Cigarettes) - Football Teams

Football Teams
J.A. Pattreiouex (Casket Cigarettes / Critic Cigarettes) 
50 cards

The cards in this series can also be found with plain backs, which might be proof versions.
UPDATE (27-04-2017 20:17):  Issue date amended from 1927 to 1922. Thanks to Bob Thomas for the information, the Cardiff City team photograph was taken at Aston Villa on 4 September, 1922.
UPDATE (08-12-2019 12:43):  I have always presumed that this set consists of 48 cards. Carl Wilkes at and has provided scans of two more cards, one of them a second Manchester City card, plus the F.A. Cup card. Both the Manchester City cards shown here have labels attached to the reverse so F200 should be F240 and F240 should be F200! If anyone can provide scans of the backs of the Manchester City cards without the labels attached please get in touch.
UPDATE (11-12-2019 14:39):  List of Burnley players added, thanks to Mike McIntyre.

Football Teams
Football Teams - Plain backs

F192.  Liverpool F.C.
F193.  Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
F194.  Burnley F.C.
Watson, Smelt, Jones, Dawson, Boyle, Halley; Nesbitt, Kelly, Anderson, Cross, Weaver.
F195.  Cardiff City F.C. (at Aston Villa, 4 September, 1922)
Nock, Page, Ben Davies, B. Smith, F. Stewart (Sec.), Turnbull, Clennell, Grimshaw, Gill, Len Davies, Blair, Nash, J. Evans, Keenor H.P. Evans.
F196.  Aston Villa F.C.
F197.  Bolton Wanderers F.C.
F198.  Middlesbrough F.C.
F199.  Chelsea F.C.
Hutchinson, Priestley, Grey, Marsh, Hampton, Barrett, Linfoot, Bennett, Meehan, Dale, Harrison, Frew, Thaine, Ferguson, Holling, Ford, Lee, Armstrong, Wilding, B. Howard Baker, Sillito, Alsop, Langton, Smith, Haywood, Sharp, Ashford, Cock, Harrow, Cameron, Duncan, Smith, McNeil
F200.  Manchester City F.C.   -   updated 08-12-2019
P. Moon (Dir.), R. Smith (Dir.), J. Ayrton (Dir.), Cookson, Blair, Fletcher, Hamill, W. Wild (Ass. Sec.); L.W. Furniss (Chairman), Meredith, Warner, Browell, Max Woosnam, Barnes, Murphy, Fayers, Broad (Trainer)
F201.  Sheffield United F.C.
Gillespie, Blackwell, Brelsford, Menlove, H. Hoyland, Gough, Milton, Pantling; Brown, Helliwell, W. Sampey, Mace, Cook, Muse, Sturgess; W. Hoyland, Waugh, T. Sampey, Lowe, Oldacre, Boyle, Johnson, Bromage, Tunstall; Mercer, Richardson, Hughes, Plant.
F202.  West Bromwich Albion F.C.
F203.  Huddersfield Town F.C.
Wood, Slade, Mutch, Wilson, Watson, Wadsworth, H. Chapman (sec. Manager), Richardson, Mann, Islip, Stephenson, Smith, J.E. Chaplin (Trainer)
F204.  Blackburn Rovers F.C.
Heaton, Sewell, Wylie, Atherton (Trainer), M'Kinnell, Healless, McKay, Dawson, McIntyre, Reilly, Bond, Rollo, Hodkinson
F205.  Preston North End F.C.
Barton (Trainer), Hamilton, Duxbury, Mitchell, M’Call, Doolan, Williamson, V. Hayes (Manager), Rawlings, Jefferis, Roberts, Woodhouse, Quinn
F206.  Arsenal F.C.
F207.  Oldham Athletic F.C.
F208.  Birmingham City F.C.   -   updated 08-12-2019
Dale, Barton, Linley, Tremelling, Crosbie, Daws, Foxall, Liddell; Barrett, Sharp, M'Clure, Womack, Jones, Bradford.
F209.  Everton F.C.
Weller, Jeffis, Parry, Smith, Livingstone, Caddick, Fern, McDonald, Hart, Brewater, Harrison, Reid, Miller, McGivney, Chadwick, McGrea, Jackson, Forbes, Alford, Moffatt, Brown, Wall, Williams, Spencer, Jones, Raitt
F210.  Bradford City F.C.
F211.  Manchester United F.C.
F212.  Sunderland F.C.
F213.  England (v Ireland)
F214.  Southampton Football Team, 1922-3   -   amended 08-12-2019
Hooper, Yaldren, Parker, Titmuss, Allen, Hough, Keeping; Christie, Shelly, Cooper, Meston, Johnson, Wilmott, Turner, Campbell; Blythe, Brown, Dominy, Rawlings, Elkes, Clarke, Andrews.
F215.  Nottingham Forest F.C.
F216.  Stoke City F.C.
F217.  Barnsley F.C.
F218.  West Ham United F.C.
Henderson, Horler, Anderson, Hufton, Hampson, Bishop, Young, Hodgson, Hebden, Carter, Allen, G. Pattison, G. Kay, R. Leafe, T. Meredith, J. Treasdern, J. Mackay, Cadwell, Robinson, Brown, Crossley, Williams, Watson, Hodges, Moore, Thompson, Richards, Ruffell, Charlton, Burgess, Thirlaway, Collins
F219.  Hull City F.C.
F220.  South Shields F.C.
F221.  Fulham F.C.
Osborne, Fleming, Reynolds, Holding, Chaplin, Darvill, Gavigan, Cock, Papsworth, Kingsley, Symes, Boland, Russell, Croal, Jones, Hewitt, Worral, McDonald, Shea, Torrance, Martin, Bagge, Penn, Edelston
F222.  Leeds United F.C.
F223.  Leicester City F.C.   -   updated 08-12-2019
Jones, D. Gardner (Trainer), Black, Hebden, Walker, Trotter, Thomson; T. Duncan, J. Duncan, Waite, Graham, Tompkins, Harrold.
F224.  Sheffield Wednesday F.C.
F225.  Bury F.C.
F226.  Derby County F.C.
McIntyre, Plackett, Robson, Lawrence, Boam, Thoms, Campbell, Edwards (Trainer), Bromage, Smith, S. Bloomer (Coach), Wightman, Jones, Jackson, Thornewell, Paterson,Moore, Murphy, Jones, Keetley, Hurst, Gillis
F227.  Nottingham County F.C.   -   amended 08-12-2019
McPherson, C. Bell, Cope, J. Iremonger, Platts, Marriott, Cook, Heathcote, Iremonger, Ashurst, T. McLean, (Ass. Trainer), Death; Daly, Widdowson, Flint, Hill, Dinsdale, Wren, Gibson, Ashford, Harris; Shepher, Kirkwood.
F228.  Crystal Palace F.C.
F229.  Clapton Orient F.C.
Tonner, Bradbury, Galbraith, W. Holmes (Mangr.), Wood, Townrow, Nicholson, Dixon; Smith, Bratby, Rennox, Kean, Williams.
F230.  Rotherham County F.C.
F231.  Blackpool F.C.
F232.  Stockport County F.C.
Heath, Walmsley, Robson, Hardy, Layton, Waterall, Croswaite, Steele, Gault, Jones, Griffiths
F233.  Coventry City F.C.
F234.  Port Vale F.C.
F235.  Bristol City F.C.
F236.  Crewe Alexandra F.C.
Wilberham, Prince, Kellett, Allman, Scott, Goodwin, Schofield, Garfield, Bricker, Davis, Hassall, Perry, Moss, Turner
F237.  Halifax Town F.C.
F238.  Dick Kerr's Ladies F.C.
F239.  English League XI
F240.  Manchester City F.C.
Mangnall (Sec.), Hamill, Meredith, Cookson, Goodchild, Fletcher, Johnson, Carroll, J. Broad (Trainer); Sharp, Morris, Browell, Doran, Barnes, Pringle, Chorlton (Ass. Trnr.); Roberts, Murphy.
F241.  English Cup

Football Teams - errors/variations

F200.  Manchester City F.C.  -  without label on back  -  confirmed
F200.  Manchester City F.C.  -  Label on back F240.  Manchester City F.C., 1922-3
F240.  Manchester City F.C.  -  without label on back  -  not confirmed
F240.  Manchester City F.C.  -  Label on back F200.  Manchester City F.C., 1921-2


  1. Very, very rare indeed, I'm led to believe, and hugely expensive if and when you do find them! My Huddersfield Town card has a trimmed top edge, but it's the best I'm ever going to manage!

  2. Hello, the F.A. Cup card is number F241, both on front and rear. The Manchester City card is numbered F240 front but F200 back. Wondering was there another Man City card, earlier, at F200 (showing that number front and back, maybe with a different team) a card that the issuer changed, later on to the F240 version. Odd numbering in this series, with that 200/240 card and the extra card, 241, the English Cup. Hard to grasp what is what as these are so rare, and hard to find the images of the cards but now I have the F240(F200) and F241 cards in my hands... great work. Keep it up! Harri

    1. Hi Harri,

      Yes, they are rare cards. I didn't know about the Manchester City card having two numbers and I don't think I ever realised the F.A. Cup card came from this series. I think I added most of the information about this set to my database by using David Thompson's Half-Time book. I've just checked and the F.A. Cup card isn't included in his list.

      Can I bother you for scans of the fronts and backs of both cards? I can then add them to my blog.



    2. Hi Harri,

      I hope you had a great 4th July. Thanks for your comment but I couldn't access the Tumblr blog. You can always e-mail me:



    3. Hi, I have both Manchester City cards, No's 200 & 240, they both have the same back but the team photos are different. Card 200 has the wrong info on the back which has always puzzled me until I acquired card 240.


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