Thursday, 8 August 2019

Leaf Trading Cards - 2019 NSCC Exclusive

2019 NSCC Exclusive
Leaf Trading Cards
? cards (6 football)

One slabbed 1/1 card per box, which were available to collectors who purchased a case of In The Game Used Sports or Leaf Pop Century at the 2019 National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago. This checklist is incomplete but will be updated as and when new information is forthcoming as Leaf Trading Cards will not be providing an official checklist. All cards seem to be 1/1's.

2019 NSCC Exclusive - Silver 1/1
PARALLEL: 2019 NSCC Exclusive - Black 1/1
PARALLEL: 2019 NSCC Exclusive - Blue 1/1
PARALLEL: 2019 NSCC Exclusive - Gold 1/1
PARALLEL: 2019 NSCC Exclusive - Green 1/1
PARALLEL: 2019 NSCC Exclusive - Purple 1/1
PARALLEL: 2019 NSCC Exclusive - Red 1/1

NR-AR1.  Alex Rodriguez (Baseball)
NR-CD1.  Clyde Drexler (Basketball)
NR-CM1.  Conor McGregor (Boxing/MMA)
NR-CR1.  Cristiano Ronaldo
NR-DH1.  Dwayne Hawkins (American Football)
NR-ES1.  Emmitt Smith (American Football)
NR-GA1.  Giannis Antetokounmpo (Basketball)
NR-GH1.  Gordie Howe (Ice Hockey)
NR-GM1.  Greg Maddux (Baseball)
NR-GSP.  Georges St.Pierre (MMA)
NR-HO1.  Hakeem Olajuwon (Basketball)
NR-I1.  Ichiro (Baseball)
NR-JB1.  Johnny Bench (Baseball)
NR-JC1.  Jose Canesco (Baseball)
NR-JH1.  Jack Ham (American Football)
NR-JR1.  Jerry Rice (American Football)
NR-KG1.  Ken Griffey Jr. (Baseball)
NR-KM1.  Kyler Murray (Baseball)
NR-KO1.  Kenny Omega (Wrestling)
NR-LM1.  Lionel Messi
NR-LS1.  Luis Suárez
NR-MJ1.  Magic Johnson (Basketball)
NR-ML1.  Mario Lemieux (Ice Hockey)
NR-NR1.  Nolan Ryan (Baseball)
NR-OD1.  Ousmane Dembélé
NR-P1.  Pele
NR-SO1.  Shaquille O'Neal (Basketball)
NR-WO1.  Willie O'Ree (Ice Hockey)
NR-WR1.  Wayne Rooney

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