Tuesday, 6 August 2019

D.C. Thomson / The Hornet - All Star Banner - Part 1

All Star Banner
D.C. Thomson / The Hornet
3 Banners

There were three banners given away with The Hornet over consecutive weeks and were intended to be placed side by side to make one large poster. The first came with the issue dated 6 October, 1973. The image of the banner isn't very good but at least it confirms what it looks like. I've also included a scan of the cover of that week's issue.

All Star Banner - Part 1

Alan Hudson
Trevor Hockey
Voltan Varga
Rangers F.C.
Alec Lindsey
Larry Lloyd
Emlyn Hughes
Tommy Smith
Derek Jeffires
Lanark Silver Bell (Horse Racing)
The Golden Helmet (Speedway)
Rugby League Cup
The Jackson
David Bowie
Englebert Humperdinck

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