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Manchester Evening News - Colour Pin-ups of your Soccer Stars (1971-72)

Colour Pin-ups of your Soccer Stars
Manchester Evening News
36 cut-outs

The Manchester Evening News supplement, Weekend Magazine, included a series of 36 colour photographs of Manchester City and Manchester United players that were intended to be cut out and pasted to one of the two special posters that were available from the Manchester Evening News offices or could be ordered through any of the newsagents. There were four photos each week, I believe the first ones appeared in the issue dated 4 September, 1971 and the final ones in the issued dated 30 October, 1971. There are unnumbered and are numbered here in the order they appeared in the newspaper. Thanks to Richard Small for providing all this information.

1.  George Best (Manchester United)
2.  Francis Lee (Manchester City)
3.  Steve James (Manchester United)
4.  Tommy Booth (Manchester City)
5.  Wyn Davies (Manchester City)
6.  Brian Kidd (Manchester United)
7.  Alan Oakes (Manchester City)
8.  Paul Edwards (Manchester United)
9.  Bobby Charlton (Manchester United)
10.  Tony Book (Manchester City)
11.  Francis Burns (Manchester United)
12.  Willie Donachie (Manchester City)
13.  Mike Doyle (Manchester City)
14.  John Aston (Manchester United)
15.  Tony Towers (Manchester City)
16.  John Fitzpatrick (Manchester United)
17.  Denis Law (Manchester United)
18.  Colin Bell (Manchester City)
19.  David Sadler (Manchester United)
20.  Glyn Pardoe (Manchester City)
21.  Mike Summerbee (Manchester City)
22.  Alex Stepney (Manchester United)
23.  Tony Dunne (Manchester United)
24.  George Heslop (Manchester City)
25.  Pat Crerand (Manchester United)
26.  Joe Corrigan (Manchester City)
27.  Alan Gowling (Manchester United)
28.  David Connor (Manchester City)
29.  Derek Jeffries (Manchester City)
30.  Ian Ure (Manchester United)
31.  Jimmy Rimmer (Manchester United)
32.  Neil Young (Manchester City)
33.  Freddie Hill (Manchester City)
34.  Carlo Sartori (Manchester United)
35.  Willie Morgan (Manchester United)
36.  Ronnie Healey (Manchester City)

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