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Chada S.A. (Spain) - Album Deportivo - Reportajes Fotograficas Tabay (1948-49) (02) - Checklist

Album Deportivo - Reportajes Fotograficas Tabay
Chada S.A. (Chicles Tabay)
234 cards

Paul Bowditch has provided scans of all the album pages and I've been able to compile a checklist though for the most part I've only recorded the sports where the cards aren't football scenes but there are a few exceptions. Many of these cards are currently available on eBay - emilyclare_123. Paul has translated the advert that appears in the album:
"Have you tried two Tabays, instead of a pipe?  You will be like any smoker, of those who say that there is nothing like a good pipe, and yet there is something that can replace it with advantage.  Yes sir;  try chewing a couple of Tabays and convert your eight pipes daily into four tabletop pipes."
Further photos can be found in the earlier post published last month: Chada S.A. (Spain) - Album Deportivo - Reportajes Fotograficas Tabay (1948-49).

A-1.  XIV Olympiad London 1948 Gold Medal
A-2.  Football - FC Barcelona v Sittardse Boys (Netherlands)
A-3.  Football - FC Barcelona v Sittardse Boys (Netherlands)
A-4.  Cycling
A-5.  Tennis
A-6.  Ice Skating
A-7.  Football - FC Barcelona v Sittardse Boys (Netherlands)
A-8.  Motor Cycling
A-9.  Tennis
A-10.  Ice Skating
A-11.  Football - Arsenal v Preston North End
A-12.  Football - Tommy Lawton (Chelsea)
A-13.  Weightlifting
A-14.  Football - R.C.D. Espanol 3 Sabadell 3
A-15.  Ice Skating
A-16.  Ice Skating
A-17.  Swimming (Johnnny Weismuller - Tarzan)
A-18.  Freddie Mills v. Gus Lesnevich (Boxing)   -   updated 20-09-2019  -  thanks to Gregory Graetz
A-19.  Bobsleigh
A-20.  Winter Olympics
A-21.  Ski Jumping
A-22.  Ski-ing
A-23.  Football - Atlético de Madrid 1 Real Madrid 1
A-24.  Boxing - Freddie Mills v Paco Bueno
A-25.  Ice Skating
A-26.  Football - Independiente (Argentina)
A-27.  Football - Sevilla 0 Barcelona 6
A-28.  Football - Valencia 1 Bilbao 2
A-29.  Boxing - Freddie Mills v Paco Bueno
A-30.  Football - Atlético Bilbao 2 Sabadell 0
A-31.  Hockey
A-32.  Table Tennis
A-33.  Table Tennis
A-34.  Football - San Sebastian 0-6 Barcelona B
A-35.  Rowing
A-36.  Football - Espanol 2 Alcoyano 2
A-37.  Winter Olympics Medalist
A-38.  Football - Oviedo 2 Sabadell 1
A-39.  Football - Espana 2 Portugal 0
A-40.  Cycling
A-41.  Tennis
A-42.  Ski-ing
A-43.  Basketball
A-44.  Football - César (Espana 2 Portugal 0)
A-45.  Football - Espanyol 2-0 Real Madrid
A-46.  Football - Queens Park Rangers v Jack Stamps (Derby County)
A-47.  Ice Hockey
A-48.  Horse Racing (Grand National)
A-49.  Athletics
A-50.  Rowing
A-51.  Football - Barcelona 2 Atlético 2
A-52.  Motor Racing
A-53.  Football - Espanyol v FC Barcelona
A-54.  Football - Real Madrid 1 Atlético Madrid 1
A-55.  Football - Team Photo (Club de Futbol Barcleona - Campeon de Liga 1947-48)  -  4 times bigger than the other cards with pre-printed autographs below the team photo
A-56.  Football - Team Photo (Valencia CF)
A-57.  Football - Team Photo (Club Atlético de Madrid)
A-58.  Football - Sevilla 1 Sabadell 3
A-59.  Football - Stade Francais 2 Atlético de Madrid 1
A-60.  Football - Bilbao 0 Barcelona 3
A-61.  Tricycles
A-62.  Motor Cycling
A-63.  Football - Wembley Stadium
A-64.  Aviation
A-65.  Athletics
A-66.  Hockey
A-67.  Hockey
A-68.  Rugby
A-69.  Athletics
A-70.  Motor Racing
A-71.  Basketball
A-72.  Snooker
A-73.  Football - Espana 2 Ireland 1
A-74.  Athletics
A-75.  Football - Mahnchester United win F.A. Cup v Blackpool 4-2
A-76.  Football - Espanol 2 Murcia 0
A-77.  Boxing - Joe Louis & Jersey Joe Walcott
A-78.  Football - Serpis de Alco (Team Photo)
A-79.  Rugby
A-80.  Hockey
A-81.  Football - Espana 2 Ireland 1
A-82.  Football - Espanol 1 Real Madrid 0
A-83.  Football - Atlético Madrid 2 Barcelona 0
A-84.  Motor Racing
A-85.  Motor Racing
A-86.  Football - England v Italy (Stan Mortensen)
A-87.  Football - Celta 5 Atlético de Madrid 5
A-88.  Cycling
A-89.  Football - Barcelona
A-90.  Football - Barcelona, Vigo, Madrid
A-91.  Football - Espana 3 Suiza 3
A-92.  Horse Racing
A-93.  Wood Chopping (Aizkolaris)
A-94.  Cycling
A-95.  Cycling
A-96.  Motor Racing
A-97.  Tennis
A-98.  Golf
A-99.  Wood Chopping (Aizkolaris)
A-100.  Football - Barcelona, Vigo, Madrid
A-101.  Scrambling
A-102.  Cycling
A-103.  Boxing (Joe Louis v Jersey Joe Walcott)
A-104.  Boxing (Tony Zale v Rocky Graziano)
A-105.  Boxing (Tony Zale v Rocky Graziano)
A-106.  Football - Team Photo (Sevilla Club de Futbol - Campeon de Espana 1948)  -  4 times bigger than the other cards
A-107.  Cycling
A-108.  Water Ski-ing
A-109.  Cycling
A-110.  Marcel Derdan (Boxer; Cycling during training)
A-111.  Athletics
A-112.  Cycling
A-113.  Tennis
A-114.  Athletics
A-115.  Athletics
A-116.  Athletics
A-117.  Swimming
A-118.  Football - Asturias 3 Leon 2 (Mexico)
A-119.  Boxing - Freddie Mills
A-120.  Football - Austria 3 Suecia 2
A-121.  Cycling
A-122.  Water Polo
A-123.  Swimming
A-124.  Athletics
A-125.  Weightlifting - Schemansky and Davis
A-126.  Wrestling - Kirecci
A-127.  Show Jumping
A-128.  Football - 1948 Olympic Games Medal Ceremony - Sweden v Yugoslavia
A-129.  Athletics
A-130.  Athletics
A-131.  Athletics
A-132.  Athletics
A-133.  Athletics
A-134.  Athletics
A-135.  Athletics
A-136.  Athletics
A-137.  Athletics
A-138.  Athletics
A-139.  Show Jumping
A-140.  Yachting
A-141.  Cycling
A-142.  Football - Wally Barnes (Arsenal)
A-143.  Athletics
A-144.  Swimming
A-145.  Swimming
A-146.  Boxing
A-147.  Tony Zale v. Marcel Cerdan (Boxing)   -   updated 20-09-2019  -  thanks to Gregory Graetz
A-148.  Football - Sabadell 2 Tarragona 3
A-149.  Football - Barcelona 4 Sporting de Portugal 1
A-150.  Football - Espanol 4 Atlético de Madrid 1
A-151.  Football - Real Madrid 1 Barcelona 2
A-152.  Football - Barcelona 5 Coruna 1
A-153.  Football - Atlético de Madrid 6 Oviedo 0
A-154.  Football - Atlético de Madrid 1 Sevilla 1
A-155.  Football - Barcelona 5 Oviedo 2
A-156.  Boxing
A-157.  Stock Car Racing
A-158.  Stock Car Racing
A-159.  Athletics
A-160.  Motor Racing
A-161.  Motor Racing
A-162.  Swimming
A-163.  Football - Espanol 0 Oviedo 0
A-164.  Football - Sabadell 1 Barcelona 0
A-165.  Football - Barcelona 4 Valencia 3
A-166.  Football - Real Madrid 3 Espanol 1
A-167.  Football - Tarragona 2 Barcelona 2
A-168.  Football - Sabadell 1 Atlético de Madrid 3
A-169.  Football - Espanol 5 Valladolid 1
A-170.  Football - Atlético de Madrid 4 Alcoyano 0
A-171.  Football - Barcelona 4 Alcoyano 0
A-172.  Sailing
A-173.  Sailing
A-174.  Hockey
A-175.  Athletics
A-176.  Boxing (Freddie Mills)
A-177.  Wrestling - Maurice Tillet (The French Angel)
A-178.  Wrestling - Maurice Tillet (The French Angel)
A-179.  Wrestling - Maurice Tillet (The French Angel)
A-180.  Boxing
A-181.  Ice Hockey
A-182.  Football - Barcelona 2 Sevilla 1
A-183.  Football - Espanol 1 Alcoyano 1
A-184.  Football - Real Madrid 6 Celta 0
A-185.  Football - Barcelona 5 Bilbao 2
A-186.  Football - Sabadell 2 Espanol 0
A-187.  Football - Gordon Bradley (Leicester City)
A-188.  Parque Zoologico
A-189.  Jiu-Jitsu
A-190.  Football - Kjell Rosen, Birger Rosengren, Gunnar Gren
A-191.  Ice Skating
A-192.  Rowing
A-193.  Athletics
A-194.  Tennis
A-195.  Football - Real Madrid 5 Sabadell 1
A-196.  Rugby
A-197.  Football - J. Flewin (Portsmouth F.C.)
A-198.  Football - Valladolid 2 A.I.K. de Suecia 4
A-199.  Dancing
A-200.  Cycling
A-201.  Wrestling - Nino Equatore and Adi Berber
A-202.  Wood Chopping
A-203.  Horse Racing
A-204.  Boxing
A-205.  Ice Skating
A-206.  Boxing
A-207.  Football - Real Madrid 5-0 Benfica (Benfica Team Photo)
A-208.  Football - Club Atlante de Méjico
A-209.  Football - Espanol 1 Barcelona 1
A-210.  Football - Barcelona 1 A. Boldklub 1
A-211.  Biathlon
A-212.  Boxing (Joe Louis)
A-213.  Scrambling
A-214.  Scrambling
A-215.  Ice Skating
A-216.  Cycling
A-217.  Boxing
A-218.  Athletics
A-219.  Ski-ing
A-220.  Show Junping
A-221.  Parque Zoologico
A-222.  Football - Team Photo (Atlético de Bilbao)
A-223.  Football - Team Photo (Vasco de Gama)
A-224.  Football - Atlético 0 Real Madrid 2
A-225.  Football - Atlético 2-1 Espanyol
A-226.  Football - Espana 1 Bélgica 1
A-227.  Motor Racing
A-228.  Athletics

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