Friday, 24 May 2019

Leaf Trading Cards - 2019 Leaf In The Game Used Sports (01) - First News

2019 Leaf In The Game Used Sports
Leaf Trading Cards
? cards

The collection is currently slated for release on 31 July, 2019. There are five cards per packet and one packet per box and each of the five cards is a Memorabilia or an Autographed Memorabilia card. Footballers in the collection include David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Pelé and Ronaldinho.

Single Player

The Journey (2 pieces of memorabilia)
The Art of Sport  (3 pieces of memorabilia)
Fantastic Fabrics (8 pieces of memorabilia)
Nickname Hall of Fame
In the Name Used Letter
Jumbo Patch
Super Swatch Signature
In the Game Used Autographs 

Multi Players

The Final Curtain (2 players)
MVP Signatures (2 players)
Legendary Numbers (2 players)
We Built This City (2 players)
Legacy (3 players)
Four-Sport Phenoms (4 players)
All-Time Enshrined (2 players)
All-Time Enshrined (4 players)
Fantasy Baseball Leaders (6 players)
Draft History (6 players)
Franchise Favorites (6 players)
All-Star Game History (6 players)
MVP 8s (8 players)
The Gr8test of All-Time (8 players)
The Ten (10 players)
In the Game Used Dual Auto (2 players)
In the Game Used Triple Auto (3 players)
The Chosen Few (Redemptions) 1/1
The Chosen Few Auto (Redemptions) 1/1
The Chosen Two (Redemptions) 1/1

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