Friday 19 April 2019

Panini - FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019 (06) - France exclusive - Silver Foil

FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019
480 stickers

Panini have produced special 12 packet blisters that included an exclusive Silver Foil sticker. At the moment I presume these exclusive stickers only feature French players, so that's 17 stickers, 18 if the team photo is included. The full checklist can be found here - Panini - FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019 (04) - Checklist.
UPDATE (22-07-2019 16:26):  Thanks to comments below, only five stickers are available in Silver Foil.

26.  Sarah Bouhaddi (France)
27.  Wendie Renard (France)
34.  Amandine Henry (France)
37.  Eugénie Le Sommer (France)
41.  Gaëtane Thiney (France)


  1. Hi,

    as I know only 5 Players of France were released in a shiny version. I have all these packets opened and there were no more shinys inside.

    Players released in shiny: 26, 27, 34, 37, 41

    Best Regards

  2. There are only five different ones:
    Sarah Bouhaddi (#26)
    Wendie Renard (#27)
    Amandine Henry (#34)
    Eugénie Le Sommer (#37)
    Gaëtane Thiney (#41)

    1. Thank you Dieter, I have updated the list.


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