Friday, 28 September 2018

Topps - Match Attax 2018/19 (032) - Packets

Match Attax 2018/19
500+ cards

Additional packets will be added as images become available.
The same four players appear on all packets - Mohamed Salah (Liverpool), Sergio Aguero (Manchester City), Jesse Lingard (Manchester United), Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur).
UPDATE (15-10-2018 13:48):  Two more packets added - PL19-CP1032.T01 and PL19-CP1038.T01. There may be at least four other versions to identify.
UPDATE (28-10-2018 12:44):  James Hammond has provided photos of a white packet available from Tesco (PL19-CP103T).
UPDATE (31-10-2018 09:53):  Scans of a packet from the Cadbury ice cream promotion added.

PL19-CP1030.T01.  £1 packet
PL19-CP1031.T01.  £2 packet
PL19-CP1032.T01.  5 cards incl. excl. Limited Edition
PL19-CP1033.T01.  5 card Promotional Packet
PL19-CP1034.T01.  ?
PL19-CP1035.T01.  ?
PL19-CP1036.T01.  ?
PL19-CP1037.T01.  ?
PL19-CP1038.T01.  Limited Edition Player Inside! (from Multipack)
PL19-CP103T.  £1 packet - White (from Tesco)
Starter Pack packet
Cadbury Promotion packet
Digital Packet

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