Friday, 28 September 2018

Topps - Match Attax 2018/19 (031) - PL19 - Free Digital Packet


Match Attax 2018/19
500+ cards

There are at least two different promo cards relating to the new Match Attax app.
UPDATE (28-09-2018 09:49):  John Levitt has provided a scan of another card - PL19-CIL01 froma Mega Tin, thanks also to Martin Bennett for a photo of the same card, this time from a Mini Tin.
UPDATE (29-09-2018 15:07):  John Levitt has provided scans of two more cards - Christian Eriksen and Virgil van Dijk.
UPDATE (02-10-2018 17:58):  Martin Bennett has provided a scan of a card featuring Olivier Giroud, which comes from the Elite Attackers Mega Tin.
UPDATE (07-10-2018 16:46):  John Levitt has discovered that the card that only shows the mobile device comes with two versions - PL19-CITP01 can be found in £1 packets and PL19-CITP02 is in the £2 packets. The only difference between them is the code printed near the bottom of the card.
UPDATE (24-10-2018 11:58):  John Levitt has provided a photo of the Jamie Vardy card.
UPDATE (10-11-2018 13:14):  John Levitt has provided a scan of the Jesse Lungard card that can be found in the Advent Calendar.
UPDATE (22-11-2018 12:44):  Card added from the Australian version of Match Attax - this card doesn't have a code number.

PL19-CIL01.  Leroy Sane, Jordan Henderson, Dele Alli, Paul Pogba
PL19-CIL02.  Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang & Sergio Aguero (Starter Pack)
PL19-CIL04.  Olivier Giroud (Elite Attackers Mega Tin)
PL19-CIL05.  Virgil van Dijk (Top Defenders Mega Tin)
PL19-CIL06.  Jamie Vardy (Title Winners' Mega Tin)
PL19-CIL07.  Christian Eriksen (International Stars Mega Tin)
PL19-CIL08.  Jesse Lingard (Advent Calendar)
PL19-CITP01.  Vincent Kompany & Alexander Lacazette (£1 Packet)
PL19-CITP02.  Vincent Kompany & Alexander Lacazette (£2 Packet)
Vincent Kompany & Alexander Lacazette (Australia)

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