Wednesday, 26 September 2018

F.K.S. - (FAA-31) Soccer Stars 80 (07) - Manny Andruszewski (Southampton)

(FAA-31) Soccer Stars 80
(FAA-31) Soccer Stars 80 ~ Continental Edition
450 stickers

Martin Bennett has sent in scans of two Manny Andruszewski stickers. The one on the left has his name spelled correctly and comes from the F.K.S. album but the one on the right spells his name incorrectly and comes from the Dutch VHI version, though this sticker does have his name correct on the reverse and this version doesn't have the player biography on the back.

222.  Manny Andruszewski (Southampton)  -  F.K.S. version
222.  Nanny Andruszewski (Southampton)  -  VHI version

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