Thursday, 21 June 2018

Baileys Agencies (Sunnyvale) - (BAI-120) Cigarette Card Transfer Series (02)

(BAI-120) Cigarette Card Transfer Series
Baileys Agencies (Sunnyvale)
16 footballers

Thanks to Garry Daynes and Roger Pashby I am able to show a coloured version of the sheet of transfers. The previous image I published is a scan of an old photocopy (created in the dark ages, before computers and scanners). 
N.B. The original of the sheet shown here has the Stanley Matthews transfer missing (bottom right corner), I'm guilty of a bit of jiggery-pokery as I've taken a scan of the Stanley Matthews card (I don't have a scan of the transfer), mirrored it and worked on it until it looked like the rest of the ones on the sheet.

1.  Johnny Carey (Ireland)
3.  Billy Steel (Scotland)
5.  Bryn Jones (Wales)
7.  Archie McAuley (Scotland)
9.  Wilf Mannion (England)
11.  Stan Mortensen (Portrait) (England)
13.  Tommy Lawton (England)
15.  Frank Swift (England)
2.  Neil Franklin (Action) (England)
12.  Dr. Kevin O'Flanagan (Ireland)
6.  Ivor Powell (Wales)
8.  Stan Mortensen (Action) (England)
10.  Stanley Matthews (England)
4.  Peter Doherty (Ireland)
14.  Dennis Compton (England)
16.  Neil Franklin (Portrait) (England)


  1. I have a sheet of sixteen stickers, the names aren't the wrong way as far as I know these are sunnyvale items

    1. That's interesting. Are they on thin paper? Are the players the same as the ones listed in this post:
      Any chance of a scan of the sheet?


    2. Some of the players are the same, these are the ones I have mozley, Barnes, lawton, leuty, macaulay, Carey, Shackleton, Wright, burgess, dickinson, brennan, Ford, Aston, Vernon, delaney, young, unfortunately I am unable to do scans, I could send a photo to you if that's any good, regards Terry

    3. Hi Terry,

      Thanks for the info, a photo will help, thank you.



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