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A. Americana (Brazil) - Balas Futebol! ~ Copa do Mundo (03) - Inglaterra/England

Balas Futebol! ~ Copa do Mundo ~  Craques do Campeonato Mundial de Futebol
A. Americana
150 cards

Vladimir Vidas sent me an e-mail asking who Erikson was, thinking that it might be Bill Eckersley. On checking I noticed that 'Erikson' is actually Alf Ramsey but I couldn't identify the player listed as 'Ramsey'. I then noticed some other discrepancies so I thought I'd go through all the stickers trying to uncover other errors. I'm not sure if I've identified some of the players correctly but there are still some gaps, Finney looks a little like Jim Dickinson to me,  but so too does Dickinson. I don't think Billy Wright nor Stanley Matthews feature. I've also included a list of England's 1950 World Cup squad.

56.  Williams (Inglaterra) - Bill Williams  ✓
57.  Ramsey (Inglaterra) - ?
58.  Erikson (Inglaterra) - Alf Ramsey
59.  Wright (Inglaterra) - ?
60.  Hugges (Inglaterra) - Laurie Hughes  ✓
61.  Dickinson (Inglaterra) - Jimmy Dickinson
62.  Matthews (Inglaterra) - Eddie Baily
63.  Mortensen (Inglaterra) - Stan Mortensen  ✓
64.  Milburn (Inglaterra) - Bill Nicholson
65.  Bentley (Inglaterra) - Wilf Mannion
66.  Finney (Inglaterra) - ?

England team v USA (1950 World Cup)

England squad (1950 World Cup)
John Aston
Eddie Baily
Roy Bentley
Henry Cockburn
Jimmy Dickinson
Ted Ditchburn
Bill Eckersley
Tom Finney
Laurie Hughes
Wilf Mannion
Stanley Matthews
Jackie Milburn
Stan Mortensen
Jimmy Mullen
Bill Nicholson
Alf Ramsey
Laurie Scott
Jim Taylor
Willie Watson
Bert Williams
Billy Wright


  1. I think Ramsey is Henry Cockburn, Wright is John Aston, Dickinson is Jimmy Mullen and Matthews is Willie Watson.

    1. Hi Phil,

      I knew a few of them are wrong. It makes you wonder how many are wrong through the whole collection!


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