Thursday, 11 January 2018

Superstar Games (Australia) - Superstar Soccer Trading Card Game

Superstar Soccer Trading Card Game
Superstar Games
205 cards

A football card game, decks contain 64 cards and packets of 12 cards also available. I've no idea how many cards were issued and I only have this list in my database, if anyone can help with further details I would be very pleased to hear form them.
UPDATE (11-12-2019 14:11):  Serge Bolzonello has been in touch to let me know there were 205 cards in this collection.

Clint Bolton (Brisbane Strikers)
Gary Phillips (Brisbane Strikers)
Andrew Stowell (Brisbane Strikers)
Daniel Wright (Brisbane Strikers)
Clint Bolton (Brisbane Strikers) & Goran Lozanozski (Adelaide City)
Sean Cranney (Brisbane Strikers) & Tony Vidmar (Adelaide City)
Chris Slater (Brisbane Strikers) & Jason Petkovic (Adelaide City)
Daniel Wright (Brisbane Strikers) - Milan Ivanovic (Adelaide City)

Paul Wade (Heidelberg United)

Mike Smith (Marconi Fairfield)
Robert Catlin (Marconi Fairfield) & Joseph Spiteri (Melbourne Knights)
Jeremy Harris (Marconi Fairfield) & Fausto De Amicis (Melbourne Knights)
Stephen Corica (Marconi Fairfield) & Steve Horvat (Melbourne Knights)
Stephen Corica (Marconi Fairfield) & Andrew Marth (Melbourne Knights)

John Angelovski (Melbourne Soccer Club)
Jim Kourtis (Melbourne Soccer Club)
Zoran Trajceski (Melbourne Soccer Club)
Joseph Tricario (Melbourne Soccer Club)
Nicholas Lazarevski (Melbourne Soccer Club) & George Karkaletsis (Melbourne)
Joseph Tricario (Melbourne Soccer Club) & Velimir Kupresak (Sydney United)

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