Monday, 8 January 2018

Mighty Soft Bread (Australia) - Mighty Shots Collector Series (2008-09)

Mighty Shots Collector Series
Mighty Soft Bread
24 cards

A collection of cards only available in South Australia in 2008. Probably because of the wider appeal the Socceroos cards seem to be harder to find. Thanks to Sergb on OzCardTrader for helping me to complete this list.

1.  Cassio (Adelaide United)
2.  Diego Walsh (Adelaide United)
3.  Michael Valkanis (Adelaide United)
4.  Jason Spagnuolo (Adelaide United)
5.  Lucas Pantelis (Adelaide United)
6.  Sasa Ognenovski (Adelaide United)
7.  Jonas Salley (Adelaide United)
8.  Eugene Galekovic (Adelaide United)
9.  Isyan Erdogan (Adelaide United)
10.  Paul Agostino (Adelaide United)
11.  Kristian Sarkies (Adelaide United)
12.  Robert Cornthwaite (Adelaide United)
13.  Daniel Beltrame (Adelaide United)
14.  Travis Dodd (Adelaide United)
15.  Angelo Costanzo (Adelaide United)
16.  Lucas Neill (Socceroos)
17.  Vince Grella (Socceroos)
18.  Brett Emerton (Socceroos)
19.  Harry Kewell (Socceroos)
20.  Tim Cahill (Socceroos)
21.  Marco Bresciano (Socceroos)
22.  John Aloisi (Socceroos)
23.  Scott McDonald (Socceroos)
24.  Josh Kennedy (Socceroos)

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