Wednesday 8 November 2017

Sporting Mirror - (SPO-160) Famous Football Teams/Soccer Stars Letter Card (02) - No. 15

(SPO-160) Famous Football Teams Letter Card
(SPO-160) Famous Soccer Stars Letter Card
(SPO-160) Famous Soccer Stars (In Action) Letter Card
Sporting Mirror
6 or 12 photos per card

Some, and perhaps all of the folders are found in at least two different colours. There may also be differences in typeface and differences in the wording on the back of the folder. I have shown scans of two different coloured versions of Series 15.
Complete folders seem to be harder to find these days but there needs to be further research. If anyone has complete folders in their collection and would like to help, please send photos/scans of the front and back of the folders. All variations will be added to my blog.

Series No. 15.  blue/grey
Series No. 15.  light brown

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