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JF Sporting Collectibles - Fosse Postcards 1940/50s

Fosse Postcards 1940/50s
JF Sporting Collectibles
24 cards per set

I only have details for four sets so all the other cards are listed by team and by surname.

Fosse Postcards 1940/50s - Set 1

1.  George Cummings (Aston Villa)
2.  Harry Johnston (Blackpool)
3.  Bill Gorman (Brentford)
4.  H. Oliver (Brentford)
5.  Arthur Woodruff (Burnley)
6.  W. Griffiths (Bury)
7.  J. Robinson (Bury)
8.  T. Walters (Chester)
9.  Bob Hesford (Huddersfield Town)
10.  A. Watson (Huddersfield Town)
11.  Conmartin (Leeds United)
12.  Ray Lambert (Liverpool)
13.  Bob Paisley (Liverpool)
14.  Cyril Sidlow (Liverpool)
15.  T. Williamson (Oldham Athletic)
16.  Jack Fairbrother (Preston North End)
17.  Bob Shankley (Preston North End)
18.  Alex Forbes (Sheffield United)
19.  E. Jackson (Sheffield United)
20.  Hugh Swift (Sheffield Wednesday)
21.  J. Preece (Southport)
22.  J. Bowles (Stockport County)
23.  B. Brown (Stockport County)
24.  Ted Ditchburn (Tottenham Hotspur)

Fosse Postcards 1940/50s - Set 2

1.  H. Bell (Middlesbrough)
2.  J. Boothway (Wrexham)
3.  Cyril Briggs (Accrington Stanley)
4.  A. Brigham (Stoke City)
5.  A. Brown (Burnley)
6.  Ted Buckle (Manchester United)
7.  T. Burden (Chester)
8.  Ronnie Burke (Manchester United)
9.  Tom Capel (Manchester City)
10.  W Crook (Blackburn Rovers)
11.  Les Goldberg (Leeds United)
12.  George Griffiths (Bury)
13.  R. Harrison (Burnley)
14.  Joe Harvey (Newcastle United)
15.  Les Horton (Oldham Athletic)
16.  D. Jones (Bury)
17.  Archie Macaulay (Brentford)
18.  Johnny Morris (Manchester United)
19.  Jimmy Mullen (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
20.  Bob Pryde (Blackburn Rovers)
21.  Walter Rickett (Sheffield Wednesday)
22.  Jack Strong (Burnley)
23.  G. Walker (Middlesbrough)
24.  Dennis Westcott (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

Fosse Postcards 1940/50s - Set 3

1.  A. Roxburgh (Blackpool)
2.  B. Danskin (Bradford Park Avenue)
3.  R. White (Bradford Park Avenue)
4.  Reg Attwell (Burnley)
5.  G. Bray (Burnley)
6.  J. Chew (Burnley)
7.  Peter Kippax (Burnley)
8.  Gordon Hurst (Charlton Athletic)
9.  Peter Farrell (Everton)
10.  Ted Sagar (Everton)
11.  T. Holley (Leeds United)
12.  J. Wharton (Manchester City)
13.  Allenby Chilton (Manchester United)
14.  Henry Cockburn (Manchester United)
15.  Jack Crompton (Manchester United)
16.  Billy McGlen (Manchester United)
17.  Jack Rowley (Manchester United)
18.  Jack Warner (Manchester United)
19.  Arthur Cunliffe (Middlesbrough)
20.  Cyril Lyman (Nottingham Forest)
21.  C. Collindridge (Sheffield United)
22.  Arthur Jepson (Stoke City)
23.  Dave Walsh (West Bromwich Albion)
24.  A. McLean (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

Fosse Postcards 1940/50s - Set 4

1.  T. Dawson (Brentford)
2.  Jack Smith (Blackburn Rovers)
3.  J. Weir (Blackburn Rovers)
4.  Harry Potts (Burnley)
5.  Ivor Broadis (Carlisle United)
6.  J. Dougal (Carlisle United)
7.  Sam Bartram (Charlton Athletic)
8.  B. Robinson (Charlton Athletic)
9.  Don Welsh (Charlton Athletic)
10.  D. McNeil (Chester)
11.  C. Jordan (Doncaster Rovers)
12.  Paul Todd (Doncaster Rovers)
13.  Eddie Wainwright (Everton)
14.  George Tweedy (Grimsby Town)
15.  J. Harley (Liverpool)
16.  Johnny Anderson (Manchester United)
17.  Johnny Ball (Manchester United)
18.  Sammy Lynn (Manchester United)
19.  J. Robinson (Millwall)
20.  E. Williams (Preston North End)
21.  A. Cox (Sheffield United)
22.  Jack Smith (Sheffield United)
23.  Joe Cockroft (Sheffield Wednesday)
24.  T. Barkas (Stockport County)

Fosse Postcards 1940/50s - Others

Wally Barnes (Arsenal)
Denis Compton (Arsenal)
Leslie Compton (Arsenal)
Freddie Cox (Arsenal)
Alex Forbes (Arsenal)
Peter Goring (Arsenal)
Reg Lewis (Arsenal)
Jimmy Logie (Arsenal)
Joe Mercer (Arsenal)
Laurie Scott (Arsenal)
George Swindin (Arsenal)
Jimmy Baxter (Barnsley)
Arthur Kaye (Barnsley)
Jack Kelly (Barnsley)
Pat Kelly (Barnsley)
Eddie McMorran (Barnsley)
Sid Normanton (Barnsley)
George Pallister (Barnsley)
G. Smith (Barnsley)
G. Spruce (Barnsley)
Bill Berry (Blackpool)
George Farm (Blackpool)
Tommy Garrett (Blackpool)
Eric Hayward (Blackpool)
Hugh Kelly (Blackpool)
Stanley Matthews (Blackpool)
Stan Mortensen (Blackpool)
Jackie Mudie (Blackpool)
Eddie Shimwell (Blackpool)
David Blakey (Chesterfield)
Ken Booker (Chesterfield)
Fred Capel (Chesterfield)
Stan Milburn (Chesterfield)
Ron Powell (Chesterfield)
J. Smallwood (Chesterfield)
George Smith (Chesterfield)
D. Westcott (Chesterfield)
Sid Bycroft (Doncaster Rovers)
Peter Doherty (Doncaster Rovers)
R. Harrison (Doncaster Rovers)
Alick Jeffrey (Doncaster Rovers)
Kit Lawlor (Doncaster Rovers)
Brian Makepeace (Doncaster Rovers)
T. Martin (Doncaster Rovers)
D. Miller (Doncaster Rovers)
Bert Tindall (Doncaster Rovers)
Charlie Williams (Doncaster Rovers)
Tony Emery (Lincoln City)
Andy Graver (Lincoln City)
F. White (Lincoln City)
D. Young (Lincoln City)
S. Chessell (Mansfield Town)
B. Coole (Mansfield Town)
Oscar Fox (Mansfield Town)
J. Grogan (Mansfield Town)
J. Lewis (Mansfield Town)
Charlie Mitten (Mansfield Town)
Sid Ottewell (Mansfield Town)
Freddie Steele (Mansfield Town)
J. Johnson (Millwall)
Frank Brennan (Newcastle United)
Bobby Corbett (Newcastle United)
Bobby Cowell (Newcastle United)
Charlie Crowe (Newcastle United)
Jack Fairbrother (Newcastle United)
Jackie Milburn (Newcastle United)
Bobby Mitchell (Newcastle United)
George Robledo (Newcastle United)
Ernie Taylor (Newcastle United)
Tommy Walker (Newcastle United)
George Burnett (Oldham Athletic)
Ernie Butler (Portsmouth)
Ike Clarke (Portsmouth)
Jimmy Dickinson (Portsmouth)
Harry Ferrier (Portsmouth)
Reg Flewin (Portsmouth)
Jack Froggatt (Portsmouth)
Peter Harris (Portsmouth)
B. Hindmarsh (Portsmouth)
Len Phillips (Portsmouth)
Duggie Reid (Portsmouth)
Jimmy Scoular (Portsmouth)
Gladstone Guest (Rotherham United)
N. Noble (Rotherham United)
J. Quairney (Rotherham United)
Jack Selkirk (Rotherham United)
C. Tomlinson (Rotherham United)
Danny Williams (Rotherham United)
W. Boyes (Scunthorpe United)
J. Rudd (Scunthorpe United)
Malcolm Barrass (Sheffield United)
Harold Brook (Sheffield United)
Ted Burgin (Sheffield United)
Cec Coldwell (Sheffield United)
Fred Furniss (Sheffield United)
Colin Grainger (Sheffield United)
Jimmy Hagan (Sheffield United)
Derek Hawksworth (Sheffield United)
H. Hitchen (Sheffield United)
Alan Hodgkinson (Sheffield United)
Bobby Howitt (Sheffield United)
Tommy Hoyland (Sheffield United)
G. Hutchinson (Sheffield United)
Jim Iley (Sheffield United)
Harold Latham (Sheffield United)
S. Machent (Sheffield United)
Malcolm McLafferty (Sheffield United)
Albert Nightingale (Sheffield United)
E. Over (Sheffield United)
Alf Ringstead (Sheffield United)
Joe Shaw (Sheffield United)
Fred Smith (Sheffield United)
D. Thompson (Sheffield United)
K. Bannister (Sheffield Wednesday)
Albert Broadbent (Sheffield Wednesday)
J. Brown (Sheffield Wednesday)
Norman Curtis (Sheffield Wednesday)
G. Davies (Sheffield Wednesday)
Derek Dooley (Sheffield Wednesday)
Redfern Froggatt (Sheffield Wednesday)
Eddie Gannon (Sheffield Wednesday)
Don Gibson (Sheffield Wednesday)
Mark Hooper (Sheffield Wednesday)
D. Hunt (Sheffield Wednesday)
Vin Kenny (Sheffield Wednesday)
J. Marriott (Sheffield Wednesday)
Tom McAnearney (Sheffield Wednesday)
D. McIntosh (Sheffield Wednesday)
Hugh McJarrow (Sheffield Wednesday)
A. Morton (Sheffield Wednesday)
Ralph O'Donnell (Sheffield Wednesday)
E. Packard (Sheffield Wednesday)
Eddie Quigley (Sheffield Wednesday)
Albert Quixall (Sheffield Wednesday)
J. Robinson (Sheffield Wednesday)
Jackie Sewell (Sheffield Wednesday)
Roy Shiner (Sheffield Wednesday)
Ron Staniforth (Sheffield Wednesday)
Cyril Turton (Sheffield Wednesday)
Doug Witcomb (Sheffield Wednesday)
Dennis Woodhead (Sheffield Wednesday)
Eddie Baily (Tottenham Hotspur)
Les Bennett (Tottenham Hotspur)
Ron Burgess (Tottenham Hotspur)
Harry Clarke (Tottenham Hotspur)
Les Medley (Tottenham Hotspur)
Bill Nicholson (Tottenham Hotspur)
Alf Ramsey (Tottenham Hotspur)
Sonny Walters (Tottenham Hotspur)
Charlie Withers (Tottenham Hotspur)

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