Saturday 9 September 2017

I.P.C. Magazines / Tiger - 20 Years of Sport

20 Years of Sport
I.P.C. Magazines / Tiger
32 pages

Another of the little booklets that were popular in the 1970s, collected over four weeks from 14 September, 1974 to 5 October, 1974. I don't have any of the football pages to show you, so I've included Lynn Davies, 1964 Olympic Long Jump champion who was on Cardiff City's books before he decided to concentrate on athletics.
UPDATE (25-12-2019 12:34):  I've added a few more pages.

1.  Alf Ramsey, George Cohen, Bobby Moore, Nobby Stiles
2.  Editorial
3.  Mary Peters (Athletics)
4.  Roger Bannister (Athletics)
5.  Jackie Stewart (Motor Racing)
6.  David Hemry (Athletics)
7.  Tony Jacklin (Golf)
8.  Mike Hailwood (Motor Cycling)
9.  Arsenal 1971
10.  Ann Jones (Tennis)
11.  David Broome (Show Jumping)
12.  Rodney Pattison (Sailing)
13.  Red Rum (Horse Racing)
14.  Ted Dexter (Cricket)
15.  British Lions (Rugby Union)
16.  Graham Hill (Motor Racing)
17.  Lynn Davies (Athletics)
18.  Show Jumping
19.  Ann Packer (Athletics)
20.  Hugh Porter (Cycling)
21.  Don Thomson (Athletics)
22.  Alex Stepney and Manchester United players
23.  Dick McTaggart, Terry Spinks, Tommy Nicholls (Boxing)
24.  Bobby Moore and England, 1966
25.  Jim Laker (Cricket)
26.  Louis Martin (Weightlifting)
27.  Billy McNeill (Celtic)
28.  Barry Briggs (Motor Cycling)
29.  Henry Cooper (Boxing)
30.  Tottenham Hotspur FC
31.  Tony Nash, Robin Dixon (Bobsleigh)
32.  Mary Rand (Athletics)

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