Saturday 19 August 2017

Sport magazine - Team Groups (1952)

Team Groups
Sport magazine
6 known

Bob Borthwick has provided a scan of this team group, I've never seen them before so I'll let Bob explain:
Large (approximately 251 mm x 188 mm – though size varies slightly) team groups printed on slightly glossy paper. I used to have "Sport" every week in the early 1950s and for a while in 1952 some weeks there was a glossy team group photo tucked inside the magazine. These were reproductions of some of the team groups that appeared on the front cover of the magazine during the football season. I attach a photocopy of the Newcastle example. At the base the wording is either: Presented by "Sport" or "Sport" Magazine. The ones I know of:

Gateshead F.C. 1952 - "Sport" Magazine
Grimsby Town F.C. 1952 – Presented by "Sport"
Lincoln City F.C. 1952 – Presented by "Sport"
Newcastle United F.C. 1952 – Presented by "Sport"
Portsmouth F.C. 1952 – "Sport" Magazine
Reading F.C. 1952 – "Sport" Magazine

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