Wednesday 16 August 2017

Amalgamated Press / The Champion - AMC-34 The Champion Album of Record Breakers (03) - Checklist

AMC-34 The Champion Album of Record Breakers
Amalgamated Press / The Champion
64 (4 footballers)

Noel Almeida has provided a complete checklist by subject. We already know the names of the four footballers featured in the collection but I believe the complete list isn't included anywhere else so I thought it worthwhile to add it to my blog.

Marvels of the Air:

Graf Zeppelin
World's Fastest Seaplane
Our Biggest Flying-Boat
World's Fastest Aeroplane
Empire's Biggest Air Liner
Fastest England-Australia 'Plane
Russian Stratosphere Balloon
Empire's Biggest Troop Carrier
Duration Record Glider
Britain's Fastest Fighter

Super Ships:

R.M.S. Majestic
Empress of Britain
H.M.S. Hood
H.M.S. Codrington
Submarine X1

Racing Motor-Boats:

Miss Britain III
Miss America X, World’s Fastest Speed Boat

Giants of the Iron Way:

"Papyrus" - 108m.p.h. Engine
World's Fastest Rail-Flyer
World's Fastest Electirc Loco
World's Biggest Loco

Meteors of Road and Track:

Capt. Eyston's Hotchkiss
M.G. Magic Midget
Napier-Railton - John Cobb's Record Breaker
Bugatti - .R.A. - Shelsey Walsh Record Breaker
E.R.A. - Shelsey Walsh Record Breaker

Motor-Cycle Record-Breakers:

Tom Farndon Going "All Out"
Ernst Henne as Speed
Stanley Woods Winning T.T. Race

Cyclone Cyclist:

Harry Grant, Paced by Motor-bike

Wizard Airmen:

C.W.A. Scott, Melbourne Race Winner
Campbell Black, Melbourne Race Winner
H.L. Brook, Australia-England Flyer
Dr. Eckener, Graf Zeppelin Commander
Wiley Post, Long-Distance Flyer

Crack Footballers:

C. Bastin (Arsenal)
Dixie Dean (Everton)
Jim Allen (Aston Villa)
H. Gallacher (Derby County)

Whirlwind Motor-Racers:

Capt. G. Eyston
John Cobb
Hon. B.E. Lewis
Sir M. Campbell
Raymond Mays

Famous Cricketers:

Don Bradman (South Australia)
H. Sutcliffe (Yorkshire)
W. Hammond (Gloucestershire)

Captains of Super Liners:

Capt. R.N. Stuart, V.C. ("Empress of Britain")
Capt. R.B. Irving ("Majestic")
Capt. R. Pugnet ("Normandie")

Celebrated Boxers:

Len Harvey
J. Braddock

Speedboat Pilots:

H. Scott-Paine 
Gar Wood

Wonder Wheelers:

F.W. Southall 
H. Opperman

Champion Jockey:

Gordon Richards

Speedway Record Breakers:

Eric Langton 
Tom Farndon
Max Grosskreutz

Super Motor-Cyclist:

Stanley Woods

High Speed Trainer Driver:

Driver Spashatt (108m.p.h. Train)

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