Sunday, 13 August 2017

Brooke Bond - Play Better Soccer (04) - Empty Album

Play Better Soccer
Brooke Bond
40 cards

John Levitt has very kindly scanned all the pages of the album plus the insert leaflet that was stapled into the centre pages.
The cards and album were issued in 1976 and are of a coloured numbered series of 40 cards (size 69mm X 37mm) with their backs printed in black.
This issue of cards followed on from the Wonders of Wildlife cards which were also issued in 1976 which is part of the card request on the Order Form.
Size of the Album is 186mm X 127mm.
It is a second printing of the album as the inside pages are of a cream colour. The first printing was on white paper. The album scanned is the first version of the second printing as it contains an insert order form which is in purple text.
A poster was also available though this doesn't feature on the order form in the album.
Click on the first link to find the complete checklist:
Brooke Bond - Play Better Soccer
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Brooke Bond - Play Better Soccer (03) - The Latest Picture Card Series card

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