Thursday, 23 March 2017

Miroir-Sprint - Football Playing Cards (1960-61) - Green border

Football Playing Cards - Green border
53 cards

Gregory Graetz has also provided a checklist for this set of cards, which are very similar to the red bordered cards shown yesterday. I've listed these as being issued in 1960-61 like the red bordered cards, but they may have been issued the following season.

A♣.  Raymond Kopa
2♣.  Robert Siatka
3♣.  Just Fontaine
4♣.  Armand Penverne
5♣.  Keita Omar Barrou
6♣.  Georges Peyroche
7♣.  Ernest Schultz
8♣.  Andre Strappe
9♣.  Pierre Cahuzac
10♣.  Michel Hidalgo
V♣.  Ferry
D♣.  Raoul Giraudo
R♣.  Luis Suarez

A♦.  Pele
2♦.  Real Madrid Team Photo
3♦.  Rene Ferrier
4♦.  Emile Antonio
5♦.  Jean Topka
6♦.  Bruno Bollini
7♦.  Jean Vincent
8♦.  Roger Piantoni
9♦.  Pierre Grillet
10♦.  Stade de Reims Team Photo
V♦.  Andre Lerond
D♦.  Piet van Rhyn
R♦.  Alba

A♥.  Paul Sauvage
2♥.  Nimes Olympique Team Photo
3♥.  Francois Heutte
4♥.  Guy Senac
5♥.  Maryan Wisnieski
6♥.  Roland Guillas
7♥.  Bernard Rahis
8♥.  Claude Abbes
9♥.  AS Saint-Etienne Team Photo
10♥.  Georges Lamia
V♥.  Bernard Chiarelli 
D♥.  Francisco Gento
R♥.  Robert Herbin

A♠.  Ferenc Puskas 
2♠.  Stephane Bruey
3♠.  Joseph Ujlaki
4♠.  Henri Skiba
5♠.  Sandor Kocsis
6♠.  Jean-Jacques Marcel
7♠.  Yvon Douis
8♠.  Equipe de France
9♠.  Hassan Akesbi
10♠.  A.S. Monaco Team Photo
V♠.  Richard Tylinski
D♠.  Lucien Muller
R♠.  Dominique Colonna
Joker.  Alfredo Di Stefano

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