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Ardath Tobacco - Voetbalgids Seizoen 1929-30 (02)

Voetbalgids Seizoen 1929-30
Ardath Tobacco / Chief Whip Cigarettes
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Martijn Schokkenbroek has provided some additional information to the Chief Whip Voetbalgids (Football Guides) that was shown previously.
The Dutch football championship has been in existence since 1888-89. Before the advent of the Eredivisie in the 1950's Dutch football was an amateur sport and the championship was decided with a play-off between all the regional champions. 
There was no trophy to win, that is, until 1929 when the Ardath Tobacco Co. Ltd., manufacturers of "Chief Whip Virginia cigarettes" and "Splendo Egyptian cigarettes" provided a shield to be presented to the Dutch champions.
The shield, made of wood with a large silver embossed centrepiece with a football scene sculptured in the middle of it, started life as the "Ardath Exchange Shield" and was renamed around 1934 as the "Chief Whip Exchange Shield." As well as providing this trophy, 11 gold souvenir medals were made available to the players of the winning team. The names of each winning team were inscribed on the shield.
To win the trophy outright a team needed to win five championships in total or three-in-a-row.
The shield was exhibited in several cigar stores in different cities. It was in Veendam (1932 - M. Bekkering cigar store, Kerkstraat), IJmuiden (1933), Eindhoven (1935) and Groningen (1937 - J. Homan cigar store, Heerestraat).
In 1939 the shield was presented for the last time. Ajax won the trophy for the fifth time and were allowed to keep the “Chip Whip Exchange Shield”.
Martijn Schokkenbroek, Groningen – 27-02-2017.

1928/29.  P.S.V.  (Illustration 2)
1929/30.  Go Ahead
1930/31.  Ajax
1931/32.  Ajax 
1932/33.  Go Ahead
1933/34.  Ajax 
1934/35.  P.S.V. 
1935/36.  Feijenoord 
1936/37.  Ajax 
1937/38.  Feijenoord  (Illustration 3)
1938/39.  Ajax

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