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Mira - Cile 1962 Mondiali di Calcio

Cile 1962 Mondiali di Calcio
250 cards

125 out of 272 stickers are listed here. There are 17 stickers for each of the 16 teams. The teams are listed in alphabetical order and so are the players within each team. Thanks to Roger Pashby for the scan of the Ray Wilson card. Three of the England players have their names printed incorrectly and the West Germany, England and Switzerland sections are complete.
UPDATE (11-05-2017 11:17):  Further research suggests that there are more than 17 stickers for each team. The double-spread album pages have the first 11 spaces identified by playing positions and a number. The last six spaces are blank. The collector can select his own team line-up (nos. 1 to 11) and spares can be attached to the remaining spaces. I have found 20 different England stickers so far, so even if a complete album that wouldn't mean you would have a complete set of stickers.
UPDATE (12-09-2018 13:31):  Four more English players added to the list, thanks to a comment from
UPDATE (04-05-2020 15:39):  Claudio has provided the names of 4 extra Bulgaria players and 11 extra Cecoslovacchia players for the checklist.
UPDATE (06-05-2020 19:04): Claudio has provided more updates for Bulgaria, Germania, Italia and Jugoslavia.
UPDATE (08-05-2020 15:00): Claudio has provided more updates for Spain and Switzerland.
UPDATE (12-05-2020 16:41):  Claudio has provided further updates - Ungheria, Uruguay and U.R.S.S.
UPDATE (06-02-2021 14:16):  Claudio has provided details of how many different cards are issued for each team and directed me to a website which has allowed me to fill in all the gaps - Figurine Cartonate. I origianlly though there were 17 cards for each of 16 teams, but that is not the case. Three teams don't have any cards at all - Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Switzerland and Russia each have 28 cards and Yugoslavia only has 4. There are 251 cards listed but McFarland (Inghilterra) does not exist and the total also includes 7 variations.

Blanco (Argentina)
Corbatta (Argentina)   -   added 27-03-2017

Gonzales (Argentina)
Griguol (Argentina)
Guidi (Argentina)
Marzolini (Argentina)
Navarro (Argentina)
Onega (Argentina)
Ramacciotti (Argentina)
Ramos Delgrado J.M (Argentina)
Roma (Argentina)
Sacchi (Argentina)
Sanfilippo (Argentina)   -   added 30-04-2020  -  thanks to Claudio R.

Simone (Argentina)   -   added 30-04-2020  -  thanks to Claudio R.
Sosa (Argentina)
Vidal (Argentina)

Amarildo (Brazil)   -   added 30-04-2020  -  thanks to Claudio R.
Bellini (Brasile)
Casthillo (Brazil)   -   added 30-04-2020  -  thanks to Claudio R.
Cinesinho (Brazil)   -   added 30-04-2020  -  thanks to Claudio R.
Didi (Brazil)   -   added 30-04-2020  -  thanks to Claudio R.
Garrincha (Brasile)
Gilmar (Brasile)   -   added 21-07-2017  -   thanks to ? (see comment below)
Pelé (Brasile)
Pepe (Brazil)   -   added 30-04-2020  -  thanks to Claudio R.
Santos, Djalma (Brazil)   -   added 30-04-2020  -  thanks to Claudio R.
Santos, N (Brazil)   -   added 30-04-2020  -  thanks to Claudio R.
Vava (Brasile)
Zagallo (Brazil)   -   added 30-04-2020  -  thanks to Claudio R.
Zito (Brasile)

Asparuhov (Bulgaria)
Diev (Bulgaria)
Dimitrov (Bulgaria)
Dimitrov (Bulgaria)   -    Variation
Dimov (Bulgaria)   -   added 04-05-2020
Iakimov (Bulgaria)
Iliev (Bulgaria)
Kolev (Bulgaria)
Kolev (Bulgaria)   -    Variation
Kostov I (Bulgaria)   -   added 04-05-2020
Kostov II (Bulgaria)   -   added 04-05-2020
Kovatchev (Bulgaria)   -   added 04-05-2020
Kovatchev (Bulgaria)   -   Variation
Metodiev (Bulgaria)
Metodiev (Bulgaria)   -   Variation
Naidenov  (Bulgaria)
Ntiev (Bulgaria)   -   Variation - player is Diev
Rakarov (Bulgaria)
Sokolov (Bulgaria)   -   added 06-05-2020
Velitcov (Bulgaria)
Yakimov (Bulgaria)
   -    Variation - same as Iakimov

Adamec (Cecoslovacchia)
Brumovski (Cecoslovacchia)
Bubernich (Cecoslovacchia)
Dvorak (Cecoslovacchia)
Falinek (Cecoslovacchia)   -   added 04-05-2020
Hledik (Cecoslovacchia)   -   added 04-05-2020
Kouba (Cecoslovacchia)   -   added 04-05-2020
Kucera (Cecoslovacchia)
Kvasnak (Cecoslovacchia)
   -   added 04-05-2020
Masopust (Cecoslovacchia)   -   added 04-05-2020
Molnar (Cecoslovacchia)
Moravcik (Cecoslovacchia)
   -   added 04-05-2020
Mraz (Cecoslovacchia)
Novak (Cecoslovacchia)   -   added 04-05-2020
Obert (Cecoslovacchia)   -   added 04-05-2020
Popluhar (Cecoslovacchia)
Pospichak (Cecoslovacchia)   -   added 04-05-2020
Puskal (Cecoslovacchia)   -   added 21-07-2017  -   thanks to ? (see comment)
Scherer (Cecoslovacchia)
Schroiff (Cecoslovacchia)
   -   added 21-07-2017  -   thanks to ? (see comment)
Stacho (Cecoslovacchia)   -   added 04-05-2020
Tichy (Cecoslovacchia)   -   added 04-05-2020

Cile - no cards

Colombia - no cards

Bruells (Germania)
Erhardt (Germania)
Fahrian (Germania)
Geiger (Germania)
Geisemann (Germania)
Haller (Germania)
Herrmann (Germania)   -   added 06-05-2020
Koslowsky (Germania)
Kurbjuhn (Germania)   -   added 06-05-2020
Nowak (Germania)
Olk (Germania)
Sawitzky (Germania)
Schaefer (Germania)
Schulz (Germania)
Seeler (Germania)
Strehl (Germania)

Sturn (Germania)
Wenaner (Germania)
Wilden (Germania)
Zsizmaniak (Germania)   -   added 06-05-2020

Armfield  (Inghilterra)   -   added 11-05-2017   -   thanks to Harri
Byrne (Inghilterra)
Charlton B. (Inghilterra)   -   added 12-09-2018  -  thanks to
Connelly (Inghilterra)
Crawford (Inghilterra)
Douglas (Inghilterra)
Flowers (Inghilterra)
Greaves (Inghilterra)
Haynes (Inghilterra)
Hitchens (Inghilterra)   -   added 12-09-2018  -  thanks to
Hodghinson (Inghilterra) (sic - Hodgkinson)
Hunt (Inghilterra)
McFarland (Inghilterra)   -   added 12-09-2018  -  thanks to   -   Does Not Exist
McNeil (Inghilterra)   -   added 11-05-2017
Melia (Inghilterra)   -   added 11-05-2017   -   thanks to Harri
Miller (Inghilterra)   -   added 12-09-2018  -  thanks to
Milson (Inghilterra) (sic - Wilson)
Mullery (Inghilterra)   -   added 11-05-2017
Musgrove (Inghilterra)
Norman (Inghilterra)
Pinter (Inghilterra) (sic - Pointer)
Robson (Inghilterra)
Springett (Inghilterra)
Swann (Inghilterra)

Altafini (Italia)
Bolchi (Italia)   -   added 06-05-2020
Buffon (Italia)   -   added 06-05-2020
Cella (Italia)
Corso (Italia)
David (Italia)   -   added 06-05-2020
Emoli (Italia)   -   added 06-05-2020
Ghezzi (Italia)   -   added 08-05-2020
Guarnieri (Italia)
Janich (Italia)
Losi (Italia)
Maldini (Italia)
Marchesi (Italia)   -   added 06-05-2020
Maschio (Italia)
Mattrel (Italia)   -   added 06-05-2020
Menichelli (Italia)
Milani (Italia)   -   added 06-05-2020
Mora (Italia)
Nicole' (Italia)   -   added 06-05-2020
Orlando (Italia)   -   added 21-07-2017  -   thanks to ? (see comment)
Radice (Italia)
Rivera (Italia)
Salvadore (Italia)
Sivori (Italia)
Trapattoni (Italia)

Durkovic (Jugoslavia)
Sekularak (Jugoslavia)
Soskic (Jugoslavia)
   -   added 06-05-2020
Stipic (Jugoslavia)

Messico - no cards

Araquistan (Spagna)
Carmelo Cedrun (Spagna)
Casado (Spagna)
Del Sol (Spagna)
Di Stefano (Spagna)
Evaristo (Spagna)
   -   added 08-05-2020
Gensana (Spagna)
Gento (Spagna)
   -   added 08-05-2020
Martinez (Spagna)   -   added 08-05-2020
Olivella (Spagna)
Pachin (Spagna)
Peiro' (Spagna)
Puskas (Spagna)
   -   added 08-05-2020
Quincoces (Spagna)   -   added 08-05-2020
Rivilla (Spagna)   -   added 08-05-2020
Santamaria (Spagna)   -   added 08-05-2020
Santisteban (Spagna)
Segarra (Spagna)
Suarez (Spagna)
Tejada (Spagna)
Verges (Spagna)

Alleman (Svizzera)   -   added 08-05-2020
Ambruster  (Svizzera)
Antenen (Svizzera)
   -   added 08-05-2020
Ballaman (Svizzera)   -   added 08-05-2020
Bani (Svizzera)
Chiesa  (Svizzera)
Duerr (Svizzera)

Elsener (Svizzera)
Fatton (Svizzera)
Frigerio (Svizzera)   -   added 08-05-2020
Grobety (Svizzera)
Hofmann (Svizzera)   -   added 08-05-2020
Hosp  (Svizzera)
Kehl (Svizzera)

Kernen (Svizzera)
Levembergen (Svizzera)   -   added 08-05-2020
Maergerli (Svizzera)
Parlier (Svizzera)
Permunian (Svizzera)   -   added 08-05-2020
Pottier (Svizzera)   -   added 08-05-2020
Renthinger (Svizzera)
Schneiter (Svizzera)
Sterenbergen (Svizzera)
Stettler (Svizzera)
Vonlanden (Svizzera)   -   added 08-05-2020
Weber (Svizzera)
Wespe (Svizzera)
Wuest (Svizzera)   -   added 08-05-2020

Ambartzumyan (U.R.S.S.)   -   added 12-05-2020
Ambartzunyan J. (U.R.S.S.)   -   Variation
Cesterniev (U.R.S.S.)
Choeli (U.R.S.S.)
Cislenko  (U.R.S.S.)
Danilov (U.R.S.S.)
Dubinsky (U.R.S.S.)
Gusarov (U.R.S.S.)
Husainov (U.R.S.S.)
   -   added 12-05-2020
Ivanov (U.R.S.S.)   -   added 12-05-2020
Karrevsky (U.R.S.S.)
Lisistzin (U.R.S.S.)
   -   added 12-05-2020
Mamikin (U.R.S.S.)
Mashi (U.R.S.S.)
   -   added 12-05-2020
Maslachenko (U.R.S.S.)   -   added 12-05-2020
Maslenkin (U.R.S.S.)   -   added 12-05-2020
Metreveli (U.R.S.S.)   -   added 12-05-2020
Monoshin (U.R.S.S.)
Mosalev (U.R.S.S.)
Netto (U.R.S.S.)
   -   added 12-05-2020
Ostrovsky (U.R.S.S.)
Ponedenlnik (U.R.S.S.)

Rotrikadze (U.R.S.S.)   -   added 12-05-2020
Sabo (U.R.S.S.)
Serebryan (URSS)   -   added 21-07-2017  -   thanks to ? (see comment)
Shikunov (U.R.S.S.)
Voronin (U.R.S.S.)
   -   added 12-05-2020
Yashin (U.R.S.S.)   -   added 12-05-2020

Bundzsak (Ungheria)
Gorocs (Ungheria)   -   added 12-05-2020
Grosic (Ungheria)
Ilku (Ungheria)   -   added 12-05-2020
Matrai (Ungheria)
Sandor (Ungheria)   -   added 12-05-2020
Sarosi (Ungheria)   -   added 12-05-2020
Sipos (Ungheria)   -   added 12-05-2020
Ticky (Ungheria)
Vasas (Ungheria)

Cabrera (Uruguay)
Concalvez (Uruguay)
Luis Cubilla (Uruguay) 
Pedro Cubilla (Uruguay)   -   added 12-05-2020
Davila (Uruguay)
De Sousa (Uruguay)
Douksas (Uruguay)
   -   added 12-05-2020
Escalada (Uruguay)
Langon (Uruguay)
Maidana (Uruguay)

Majenski  (Uruguay)
Maurice  (Uruguay)
Mendez (Uruguay)

Piriz  (Uruguay)
Rocha (Uruguay)

Sasia (Uruguay)   -   added 12-05-2020
Silva (Uruguay)
Sosa (Uruguay)
Troche (Uruguay)


  1. hiya, hello to you all over there, be sure to add ARMFIELD to the England list as I know for sure it exists as i was bidding on that card a year ago. It exists, 100%, a truly rare soccer card that one! It went for over $150.00 bye from Harri

  2. Hiya guys, thanks for adding Armfield after my message, I know from the English chap in Italy (Karl?) there is also a card of Melia. He has photos of them on one of his blogs - not his website but a picture blog he does. I would add a pic here of Armfield and Melia but I don't see how to add it. I imagine there must be a Bobby Charlton card but never seen it. Keep up the great project, this blog is awesome!

    1. Thanks Harry,

      I'll add Melia.

      You can send any photos via e-mail:

      Thank you for your help,


  3. Hallo

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for the list, I've added all the names to the checklist.


  4. Hi all,
    I am an italian collector of this edition.
    The England stickers at this moment known are 24



    If you like know more contact me

    1. Thank you for the list, I've added the four missing players to the checklist.

      Kind regards,



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