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Phillips / NSW Permanent Building Society (Australia) - Phillips Soccer League (1977)

Phillips Soccer League
Phillips / NSW Permanent Building Society
90 cards

Issued as 15 sheets of 6 cards. It's possible that they were available at NSW Permanent Building Society offices but very little is known about this set of cards.

1.  Peter Wilson (Western Suburbs)
2.  Mark Jankovic (St. George)
3.  Jim Kondarios (Footscray)
4.  Graham French (South Melbourne)
5.  Agenor Muniz (Adelaide City)
6.  Danny Moulis (Canberra City)
7.  Todd Clarke (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
8.  Paul Degney (Marconi)
9.  James O’Reilly (Fitzroy)
10.  Paul Ontong (Mooroolbark)
11.  Brian Northcote (Adelaide City)
12.  Brian Stoddart (Canberra City)
13.  Dave Harding (Western Suburbs)
14.  Bernie Cullerton (Sydney Olympic)
15.  Joe Palinkas (Footscray)
16.  Jack Reilly (South Melbourne)
17.  Gary Marocchi (Adelaide City)
18.  John Brown (Canberra City)
19.  Donnie Allen (Sydney Olympic)
20.  Stuart Robertson (Marconi)
21.  Peter Blasby (Fitzroy)
22.  Geoff Ontong (Mooroolbark)
23.  Willie Conners (Brisbane City)
24.  John Nyskohus (Adelaide City)
25.  Steve O’Connor (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
26.  George Harris (St. George)
27.  Joe Picioane (Footscray)
28.  Kris Kalafatidis (South Melbourne)
29.  Peter Tokesi (Brisbane City)
30.  Roger Romanowicz (Adelaide City)
31.  Terry Eaton (Western Suburbs)
32.  George Gibson (Sydney Olympic)
33.  Branko Buljevic (Fitzroy)
34.  Ian Rathmell (Brisbane City)
35.  Tony Henderson (Canberra City)
36.  Ivo Prskalo (Marconi)
37.  Brendan Grosse (St. George)
38.  Terry Smith (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
39.  Peter Sharne (Marconi)
40.  David Rigby (Mooroolbark)
41.  Kim Wishart (Brisbane City)
42.  Barry Reynolds (West Adelaide)
43.  Col Curran (Western Suburbs)
44.  Bill Pirie (Sydney Olympic)
45.  Robert O’Shea (St. George)
46.  Jim Milne (Footscray)
47.  Jim Hermiston (Brisbane City)
48.  John Kosmina (West Adelaide)
49.  Murray Barnes (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
50.  Ray Richards (Marconi)
51.  Steve Perry (Western Suburbs)
52.  George Gillan (Fitzroy)
53.  Kevin Caldwell (Brisbane City)
54.  John Daperis (South Melbourne)
55.  Joe Senkalski (Sydney Olympic)
56.  John O’Shea (St. George)
57.  Hilton Silva (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
58.  Mike Pye (South Melbourne)
59.  Colin Bennett (Brisbane Lions)
60.  David Jones (West Adelaide)
61.  Gary Byrne (Marconi)
62.  Bobby Noble (Western Suburbs)
63.  Michael Cross (Sydney Olympic)
64.  James Tansey (Fitzroy)
65.  Rod Mackenzie (Brisbane Lions)
66.  Ian McGregor (West Adelaide)
67.  Kevin Mullen (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
68.  Jimmy Rooney (Marconi)
69.  Gary Meier (Sydney Olympic)
70.  Michael Clarey (Mooroolbark)
71.  Alan Venables (Brisbane Lions)
72.  Graham Honeyman (West Adelaide)
73.  Graham Norris (Western Suburbs)
74.  Paul Luckett (Sydney Olympic)
75.  Rudi Gnavi (St. George)
76.  Arthur Xanthopoulos (South Melbourne)
77.  George Potter (Brisbane Lions)
78.  David Ellis (Mooroolbark)
79.  Bertie Lutton (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
80.  Alan Maher (Marconi)
81.  Phil O’Connor (St. George)
82.  Joe Tront (Mooroolbark)
83.  John Neale (Brisbane Lions)
84.  Andy Kazi (Footscray)
85.  Ernie Campbell (Marconi)
86.  Henry Mowbray (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
87.  Jim Kriaris (Footscray)
88.  Iain Fagan (Brisbane Lions)
89.  Gordon McCulloch (West Adelaide)
90.  Paul Wilding (Mooroolbark)

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