Thursday, 3 November 2016

Panini - FIFA 365 2016 ~ The Golden World of Football (32) - India

FIFA 365 2016 ~ The Golden World of Football
856+ stickers

Ragul Krishnan and Vincent Fiore have provided scans of three stickers featuring Indian Super League clubs. Additional stickers have been issued in a number of Asian countires like India, China and Afghanistan and these are the three from India. Please get in touch if you can provide more information about the stickers issued in China and Afghanistan. 
UPDATE (25-12-2016 14:44):  Ragul has advized me that there are no additional stickers in Afghanistan and China so I've removed mention of those countires from the title. The Indian stickers are also available in packets in Singapore and Malaysia.

I15.  Jeje Lalpekhlua (Chennayin FC)
I16.  Bruno Pelissari (Chennayin FC)
I17.  Robin Singh (Delhi Dynamos)
I18.  Florent Malouda (Delhi Dynamos)
I19.  Sunil Chhetri (Mumbai City FC)
I20.  Nicolas Anelka (Mumbai City FC)


  1. Nope. These are legit. I got them as part of some packs i purchased in China. I don't have all 3 but i have 2 of the same. Excellent and rare stickers

  2. Thanks for your credits on the blog, Alan Jenkins. To provide more details on the stickers, there are a total of 20 which are available in packs purchased in Asia. The 20 stickers are from Afghan, Chinese and Indian leagues. The stickers are dual (two stickers together). I have seen 12 of these stickers. Trying to acquire them all. Ragul and Kalyan from India and Jay from Atlanta were the people who have got in touch with me regarding possession of these stickers.

    Any more pictures from anyone else would be appreciated.

  3. awesome sticks. these were sold on ebay some weeks ago. any one has info on where i can get them ?

  4. Extra stickers for this set would be numbered something like G1 to G30. Can you ask the providers of those pictures to also give a photo of the backside of the stickers?

    1. You are correct. I have one of the above. It is of Mumbai City FC. It is numbered I19 - I20.

    2. Thanks for the information, I've added 'I' to the sticker numbers.


  5. never seen also on ebay, any info also about the album? is there a central page more like for other special editions?

  6. There is NO Chinese/Afghan collection. There is just the Indian collection. The PANINI FIFA 365 was released for first time in India this year . These stickers were released in India along with the regular collection. Stickers are of 3 teams. Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. Chinese League/Afghan league stickers don't exist in Panini.

  7. I also realize that these are pretty rare and sought after. Does anyone have spares of these ? I have 3 of the Mumbai stickers and i can trade for the other 2.

  8. Its amazing that panini has made a venture into India. Hopefully just like FIFA 365 they will release other collections as well here in India.

    Also checked with a couple of buddies in China, there is no Chinese collection available from Panini. Looks like its the same with Afghanistan. No panini stickers there as well. Even in the packs released in all Asian countries(Malaysia, Singapore, India) like the post says, its ONLY the Indian stickers that people have found. No Chinese/Afghan.

    1. Carlos Fonseca20 June 2017 at 20:04

      How can I get a set of these stickers? I will appreciate the help to get them.


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