Sunday 30 October 2016

A. & J. Donaldson / Kiddy's Favourites ? (Anonymous) - Sports Favourites ~ Rogue series (03)

Sports Favourites ~ Rogue series
A. & J. Donaldson / Kiddy's Favourites ? (Anonymous)
52 cards

Bob Peden has provided a new list of these cards identifying which cards have "Large" or "Wee" heads. Just two cards left to identify - 36 (W. Thornton - Rangers) and 37 (J. Duncanson - Rangers)

1.  J. Mason (Third Lanark)   LARGE HEAD
2.  G. Hamilton (Hearts)   LARGE HEAD
3.  J. Fraser (Arbroath)   WEE HEAD
4.  P. Doherty (Derby County)   LARGE HEAD
5.  Joe Mercer (Arsenal) (Captain)   LARGE HEAD
6.  E. Turnbull (Hibernian)   WEE HEAD
7.  Dr. Cross (Queens Park)   LARGE HEAD
8.  R. "Boy" Brown (Rangers)   LARGE HEAD
9.  J. McGowan (Partick Thistle)   LARGE HEAD
10.  J. Aitken (Airdrie)   LARGE HEAD
11.  P. McKennan (Partick Thistle)   LARGE HEAD
12.  G. Clapperton (Airdrie)   LARGE HEAD
13.  J. Husband (Partick Thistle)   LARGE HEAD
14.  T. Bogan (Celtic)   LARGE HEAD
15.  S. Matthews (Stoke City)   LARGE HEAD
16.  J. Morris (Manchester United)   WEE HEAD
17.  J. Aitkenhead (Hibernian)   LARGE HEAD
18.  A. Wright (Hamilton)   WEE HEAD
19.  F. Dunlop (Aberdeen)   LARGE HEAD
20.  J. Deakin (St. Mirren)   LARGE HEAD
21.  G. Bruce (Aberdeen)   WEE HEAD
22.  R. Flavell (Hearts)   LARGE HEAD
23.  A. Kiddie (Aberdeen)   WEE HEAD
24.  A. Stubbins (Liverpool)   LARGE HEAD
25.  J. Kelly (Barnsley)   LARGE HEAD
26.  N. Fleck (Falkirk)   WEE HEAD
27.  T. Brawley (Cowdenbeath)   WEE HEAD
28.  R. Smith (Dundee)   WEE HEAD
29.  Hannah (Albion Rovers)   LARGE HEAD
30.  G. Lowrie (Coventry City)   WEE HEAD
31.  I. McColl (Rangers)   WEE HEAD
32.  F. Ewen (Dundee)   WEE HEAD
33.  S. Cox (Rangers)   WEE HEAD
34.  McIlhatton (Everton)   LARGE HEAD
35.  K. Armstrong (Chelsea)   WEE HEAD
36.  W. Thornton (Rangers)
37.  J. Duncanson (Rangers)
38.  W. Robertson (Chelsea)   LARGE HEAD
39.  J. Bonnar (Arbroath)   WEE HEAD
40.  G. Henderson (Stirling Albion)   WEE HEAD
41.  D. McAvoy (Liverpool)   WEE HEAD
42.  H. Carter (Derby County)   LARGE HEAD
43.  J. Lindsay (St. Mirren)   LARGE HEAD
44.  A. Ackerman (Clyde)   WEE HEAD
45.  J. Hagan (Sheffield United)   -   Hagen on the front   LARGE HEAD
46.  J. Garth (Clyde)   LARGE HEAD
47.  J. Simpson (Dundee United)   WEE HEAD
48.  E. Pacione (Dundee United)   WEE HEAD
49.  F.P. Kippax (Burnley)   LARGE HEAD
50.  G. Johnstone (Aberdeen)   WEE HEAD
51.  J. Kerr (Hibernian)   LARGE HEAD
52.  Frank Swift (Manchester City)   LARGE HEAD

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