Saturday 1 October 2016

Masonic Trade Cards - Famous Freemasons Series One

Famous Freemasons Series One
Masonic Trade Cards
20 cards

This is the first of five sets of cards featuring famous Freemasons including two former footballers. A special album is available to hold the full set. I found out about this set thanks to a tip-off from John Levitt - more on that later.

1.  Don Revie OBE
2.  John Wayne
3.  Sir Winston Churchill
4.  Sir Alf Ramsey
5.  Sugar Ray Robinson
6.  Peter Sellers
7.  Richard Pryor
8.  Angelo Soliman
9.  Gerald Ford
10.  Oscar Wilde
11.  George Washington
12.  Captain Robert Falcon Scott
13.  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
14.  Tommy Cooper
15.  Theodore Roosevelt
16.  Mel Blanc
17.  Clark Gable
18.  Gene Autry
19.  W.C. i
20.  J. Edgar Hoover

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