Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A&BC - (AAB-790a/b/ABF-47-3) World Cup Footballers

(AAB-790a/b/ABF-47-3) World Cup Footballers
37 cards

An unusual number for a set of cards, these were included with the World Cup Posters packets. There are two different versions, with and without the World Cup Trophy embossed. Although it's probably not possible to see, of the two Peter Thomson cards the one on the left is the embossed one. The Norman Hunter card is also embossed. The cards are unnumbered and are listed here in order of surname.

(AAB-790a/ABF-47-3) World Cup Footballers (World Cup Trophy embossed)
(AAB-790b/ABF-47-3) World Cup Footballers (World Cup Trophy not embossed)

Jeff Astle
Alan Ball
Gordon Banks
Colin Bell
Peter Bonetti
Bobby Charlton
Jackie Charlton
Allen Clarke
Ralph Coates
Terry Cooper
Colin Harvey
Emlyn Hughes
Norman Hunter
Geoff Hurst
Mike Jones
Howard Kendall
Brian Labone
Francis Lee
Paul Madeley
Roy McFarland
Bob McNab
Bobby Moore
Alan Mullery
Henry Newton
Keith Newton
Alan Oakes
Martin Peters
Paul Reaney
Peter Shilton
Peter Simpson
Tommy Smith
Alex Stepney
Nobby Stiles
Ian Storey-Moore
Mike Summerbee
Peter Thompson
Tommy Wright

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