Friday 30 September 2016

Futera - Futera World Football Unique 2016 (08) - Triumph - ATR prefix

Futera World Football Unique 2016
120 base cards

I had a message from ReggieBoy regarding Morgan Schneiderlin cards in the Futera World Football 2016 collection. I list three of his cards in the Player List (MJ20, TR17, INC19) but he has bought a fourth card - ATR01.
I checked and this type of card doesn't appear in my checklist and doesn't show up in Futera's official checklist either. On searching around I found two other cards from this subset - Christian Benteke and César Azpilicueta.
I will contact Futera to see if they can provide any information about these cards.
UPDATE (30-09-2016 15:25):  I have had confirmation from Futera that these three cards using the 2015 design along with two Elite cards, also using the 2015 design, were originally omitted from the official Futera checklist but have now been added. I have updated this post and added the cards to the full checklist.

Futera World Football Unique 2016 - Triumph - ATR prefix
New player autographs on 2015 designs
3 cards

ATR01.  Morgan Schneiderlin (France)
ATR02.  César Azpilicueta (Spain)
ATR03.  Christian Benteke (Belgium) 

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