Friday, 16 September 2016

W.T. Hancock / Old Port Plug - N463 Sports Girls (Old Port Plug Tobacco)

c. 1889
(N463) Sports Girls
W.T. Hancock / Old Port Plug Tobacco
12 cards

Three more cards, these were issued by Old Port Plug in America. You can see similar cards by following this link - Lady Cricket and Football. It is accepted that there are 12 cards in the set - 6 football and 6 cricket. All the images are similar to the set of Lady Cricket and Football that was issued by Ogden's Cigarettes in the United Kingdom.
UPDATE (25-06-2023 15:08):  An illustration of another card added - rugby player in orange & brown hooped jersey.

A Forward (Football)
Going to take a Drop (Football)
A Good Back (Football)
Line Up (Football)
Girls Mark Your Men (Football)
Musn't Touch it with the Hands (Football)
A Place (Football)

A Good Catch (Cricket)
The Grace of the Eleven (Cricket)
Her Middle Stump (Cricket)
Our Bowler (Cricket)
Our Wicket-Keeper (Cricket)
Play Up (Cricket)

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