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Evening Dispatch (Edinburgh) - (EVE-150/EVAS-1) Football Star Series (02) - Updated Checklist

(EVE-150/EVAS-1) Football Star Series
Evening Dispatch (Edinburgh)
75 cards

Terry Kramer has provided some amendments to the original checklist. Terry also provided a photo of the master list printed in the Evening Disptach edition of 21 April, 1956 and explains that the reason for the two names missing from the set of 75 (Jimmy Allen and Harry Colville) are due to transfers. Jimmy Allen moved to East Stirling in November 1955 and Harry Colville had transferred to Dunfermline Athletic on 10th March 1956. This checklist appears as it does in the newspaper with the two additional cards added at the end of the Falkirk and Raith Rovers sections. Cards 8, 65 and 71 in the original checklist have been removed and replaced by three Dunfermline Athletic players - Willie Candlish, David Guthrie & Alex Laird.  These postcard-sized cards are unnumbered and are numbered here for reference purposes only.
  1. Bobby Parker (Hearts)
  2. Freddie Glidden (Hearts)
  3. Johnny Urquhart (Hearts)
  4. Jimmy Wardhaugh (Hearts)
  5. Bobby Kirk (Hearts)
  6. John Cumming (Hearts)
  7. Willie Bauld (Hearts)
  8. Johnny Hamilton (Hearts)
  9. Tommy Mackenzie (Hearts)
  10. Alfie Conn (Hearts)
  11. Dave Mackay (Hearts)
  12. Willie Duff (Hearts)
  13. Alex Young (Hearts)
  14. Ian Crawford (Hearts)
  15. Bobby Combe (Hibernian)
  16. Tommy Preston (Hibernian)
  17. Willie Ormond (Hibernian)
  18. Willie Macfarlane (Hibernian)
  19. John Higgins (Hibernian)
  20. Desmond Fox (Hibernian)
  21. Tommy Younger (Hibernian)
  22. Lawrie Reilly (Hibernian)
  23. Gordon Smith (Hibernian)
  24. John Paterson (Hibernian)
  25. Jackie Plenderleith (Hibernian)
  26. John Grant (Hibernian)
  27. Eddie Turnbull (Hibernian)
  28. Johnny Miller (Dunfermline Athletic)
  29. Sinclair Mackie (Dunfermline Athletic)
  30. George Duthie (Dunfermline Athletic)
  31. Eric Bakie (Dunfermline Athletic)
  32. Andy Crawford (Dunfermline Athletic)
  33. Willie Candlish (Dunfermline Athletic)
  34. Bobby Bryans (Dunfermline Athletic)
  35. David Guthrie (Dunfermline Athletic)
  36. Sam Hendry (Dunfermline Athletic)
  37. Felix Reilly (Dunfermline Athletic)
  38. Alex Laird (Dunfermline Athletic)
  39. George O'Brien (Dunfermline Athletic)
  40. Ron Mailer (Dunfermline Athletic)
  41. Colin McKinlay (Dunfermline Athletic)
  42. George Peebles (Dunfermline Athletic)
  43. Bert Ormond (Falkirk)
  44. Bert Slater (Falkirk)
  45. Alex Macrae (Falkirk)
  46. Ian Rae (Falkirk)
  47. Alex Parker (Falkirk)
  48. Jim McIntosh (Falkirk)
  49. Bobby Morrison (Falkirk)
  50. Alec Wright (Falkirk)
  51. Davie Campbell (Falkirk)
  52. Len Fletcher (Falkirk)
  53. Harry Colville (Falkirk)
  54. Tommy Wright (East Fife)
  55. Harry Davis (East Fife)
  56. Jackie Thomson (East Fife)
  57. Danny McLennan (East Fife)
  58. Jimmy Bonthrone (East Fife)
  59. John "Jock" Adie (East Fife)
  60. Sammy Stewart (East Fife)
  61. Andy Matthew (East Fife)
  62. Jackie Stewart (East Fife)
  63. Charlie Drummond (Raith Rovers)
  64. Ernie Copland (Raith Rovers)
  65. Willie Polland (Raith Rovers)
  66. Tom Weir (Raith Rovers)
  67. Ian Scott (Raith Rovers)
  68. Jackie Stewart (Raith Rovers)
  69. Ian Bain (Raith Rovers)
  70. Andy Leigh (Raith Rovers)
  71. Andy Young (Raith Rovers)
  72. Willie McNaught (Raith Rovers)
  73. Jimmy Thomson (Raith Rovers)
  74. Jimmy MacEwan (Raith Rovers)
  75. John (Jimmy) Allan (Raith Rovers)

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