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Philip Neill - (098) Derby County ~ Champions of 1974/75


(098) Derby County ~ Champions of 1974/75
Philip Neill
18 cards

All the cards have biographies on the back, except the Dave Mackay card, which has the League table on the back. The fifteen card set is supplemented by three additional bonus cards as detailed below.

More information and a full catalogue can be obtained by writing direct to Philip Neill at 33 Bolton Road, Chorley, Lancashire, PR7 3AU. He can also be contacted by e-mail: philneill@blueyonder.co.uk and he has a shop on Amazon - Philip Neill Graphics.

1.  Colin Boulton

2.  Colin Todd
3.  David Nish
4.  Peter Daniel
5.  Bruce Rioch
6.  Archie Gemmill
7.  Henry Newton
8.  Ron Webster
9.  Kevin Hector
10.  Roger Davies
11.  Francis Lee
12.  Rod Thomas
13.  Steve Powell
14.  Jeff Bourne
15.  Dave Mackay (with the Championship Trophy)

(098) Derby County ~ Champions of 1974/75 - Bonus cards

Allan Hinton and Roy McFarland  -  Biographies on the back

Allan Hinton, Dave Mackay and Roy McFarland  -  Full results on the back
Dave Mackay  -  Biography on the back

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