Saturday 13 August 2016

Panini - USA 94 (08) - Colombia version - Carvajal

USA 94
Panini / Carvajal
444 stickers

I'm not sure but I believe this collection has the full 444 stickers. The centre pages has spaces for 12 stickers so the collector can create a best team.
UPDATE (10-09-2016 17:45):  Makhno has provided some additional information about this album. The album has 444 stickers but includes some variations.

  • The USA badge is different from other editions (same sticker as in the Mexican edition)
  • The BOLIVIA badge is different from other editions. (I need a scan of the sticker, can anyone help? Alan)
  • One player in the Colombia team - Alexis Enrique Garcia, is replaced by Andres Escobar (the guy who was killed a few weeks after he scored an own goal in the World Cup).  
  • There is a poster in the centreto stick your best team using stickers from the collection.

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