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Panini - Adrenalyn XL FIFA 365 2017 (04) - Nordic Edition - Checklist

Adrenalyn XL FIFA 365 2017 - Nordic Edition
405+ cards

A checklist for the extra cards in the Nordic Edition, I don't have card numbers yet but I thought I'd publish the list any at the earliest opportunity. Five new teams replacing other teams in the International Edition - F.C. København, I.F.K. Göteborg, Malmö F.F., Molde F.K. and Rosenborg B.K.

Mathias Jørgensen (F.C. København) - Fans' Favourite
Thomas Delaney (F.C. København) - Fans' Favourite
Robin Olsen (F.C. København)
Ludwig Augustinsson (F.C. København)
William Kvist (F.C. København)
Benjamin Verbič (F.C. København)
Club Badge (F.C. København)
Youssef Toutouh (F.C. København)
Kasper Kusk (F.C. København)
Andreas Cornelius (F.C. København)
Federico Santander (F.C. København)
Peter Ankersen (F.C. København) - Debut
Kusk, Cornelius, santander (F.C. København) - Dangerous Trio

Mattias Bjärsmyr (I.F.K. Göteborg) - Fans' Favourite
Tobias Hysén (I.F.K. Göteborg) - Fans' Favourite
John Alvbåge (I.F.K. Göteborg)
Emil Salomonsson (I.F.K. Göteborg)
Mads Albæk (I.F.K. Göteborg)
Sebastian Eriksson (I.F.K. Göteborg)
Club Badge (I.F.K. Göteborg)
Jakob Ankersen (I.F.K. Göteborg)
Søren Rieks (I.F.K. Göteborg)
Mikael Boman (I.F.K. Göteborg)
Gustav Engvall (I.F.K. Göteborg)
Haitam Aleesami (I.F.K. Göteborg) - Debut
Salomonsson, Bjärsmyr, Rogne, Aleesami (I.F.K. Göteborg) - Defensive Wall
Albæk, Ankersen, Rieks (I.F.K. Göteborg) - Midfield Engines

Anton Tinnerholm (Malmö F.F.) - Fans' Favourite
Markus Rosenberg (Malmö F.F.) - Fans' Favourite
Johan Wiland (Malmö FF)
Kári Árnason (Malmö FF)
Rasmus Bengtsson (Malmö FF)
Enoch Kofi Adu (Malmö FF)
Club Badge (Malmö FF)
Tobias Sana (Malmö FF)
Oscar Lewicki (Malmö FF)
Anders Christiansen (Malmö FF)
Magnus Wolff Eikrem (Malmö FF)
Mattias Svanberg (Malmö FF) - Debut
Eikrem, Kjartansson, Rosenberg (Malmö F.F.)  - Dangerous Trio
Rakip, Brorsson (Malmö FF) - Rising Stars

Joona Toivio (Molde F.K.) - Fans' Favourite
Vegard Forren (Molde F.K.) - Fans' Favourite
Ethan Horvath (Molde F.K.)
Ruben Gabrielsen (Molde F.K.)
Per Egil Flo (Molde F.K.)
Isak Ssewankambo (Molde F.K.)
Club Badge (Molde F.K.)
Knut Olav Rindarøy (Molde F.K.)
Fredrik Aursnes (Molde F.K.)
Mattias Moström (Molde F.K.)
Harmeet Singh (Molde F.K.)
Eidur Gudjohnsen (Molde F.K.) - Veteran
Singh, Aursnes, Hestad (Molde F.K.) - Midfield Engines
Strand, Svendsen (Molde F.K.) - Rising Stars

Mike Jensen (Rosenborg B.K.) - Fans' Favourite
Pål André Helland (Rosenborg B.K.) - Fans' Favourite
André Hansen (Rosenborg B.K.)
Jonas Svensson (Rosenborg B.K.)
Jørgen Skjelvik (Rosenborg B.K.)
Johan Lædre Bjørdal (Rosenborg B.K.)
Club Badge (Rosenborg B.K.)
Fredrik Midtsjø (Rosenborg B.K.)
Anders Konradsen (Rosenborg B.K.)
Christian Gytkjær (Rosenborg B.K.)
Matthías Vilhjálmsson (Rosenborg B.K.)
Yann-Erik de Lanlay (Rosenborg B.K.) - Debut
Svensson, Eyjólfsson, Reginiussen, Skjelvik (Rosenborg B.K.) - Defensive Wall
Jensen, Konradsen, Midtsjø (Rosenborg B.K.) - Midfield Engines

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